About Isra…

Isra García here. I’m Marketer. Advisor. Speaker. Writer. Educator. Impresario. Principal at IG. Blogger. Entrepreneur. I’m Disruptive innovation. Digital transformation. I’m High-performer and a lifestyle experimentalist. I’m here for exploring and discovering new paths using Human Media as means of expression, delivering Human Interactions beyond technology.

about isra garcia

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I’ve been involved in marketing for11 years, and in digital for 10 years; it was in 2006 when I started experimenting with social networking sites, blogs and online Marketing.

Regarding my background, I am a graduate in business and sociology from the University of Manchester. In 2008, I studied a postgraduate course in Marketing and e-commerce at Fundesem Business School in Alicante; in 2009 I obtained a Master´s degree in Marketing management focused partly on Social Media and Marketing/Communication 2.0, also at Fundesem Business School. After that, the Business School granted me a scholarship for a Master’s degree extension in online marketing and new media in the United States, to be more exact at the University of Central Arkansas, University of Miami and Georgia Tech.

Why this Blog?

As my career as marketing & digital adviser keeps growing globally and I drew the lines of what I believe is the marketing re-evolution: Human Media. I just launched this website. This is the outcome of some years of marketing and media study in what I believe is its re-evolution: Human Media, which I want to share with you.

The Challenge

Reaching the highest standards of professionalism through my values and principles: determination, commitment, imagination, freedom, strategic choice and empowerment. Meanwhile, I remain irreverent, thoughtful and optimistic about life and change.

My Job

My job is reflecting the change, inspiration, and disruption into people. I care about human interactions this is why I make marketing, the social web, and the Internet collide with human nature, emotions, feelings, and relationships.

My work at IG is both inspiring, rewarding and eye-opening while I keep it disruptive and intense. I often say that we cannot possibly become “gurus” or experts of any medium that evolve faster than the ability to master it and the only function of a “guru” is make you see that you need no “guru.” I work globally with brands, mid-sized organizations and marketing/media agencies to bridge the gap between, human relationships and the resulting interactions, business objectives and social web strategies. Once the data is collected and analyzed, once internal/external conversations are transcribed, dissected and turned into actions, you start to see opportunities to bring people, departments, business and thinking together. The work then becomes about recognizing new opportunities, direction, and the change necessary to create alignment toward new directions, so we can create revolutionaries and revolutions that can change the game.

I work globally as a principal at IG – Empowering People,  Business and Communities. Professional speaker and Marketing, Digital & Business Transformation advisor.

I am Focused on raising businesses’ brand awareness, expanding their reach and creating a resonance between brands and communities, beyond traditional communication channels and marketing practices.  Harnessing the power of Human Media, which goes beyond the hype of Social Media to empower what really matters the “human” side of business.

Human business interactions are my base for building long-lasting relationships between brands and communities, granting them with an original and non-intrusive communication medium, with real feedback and results.


Triathlon, extreme sports, surfing, swimming, football, running, music, reading, travel, anything to do with marketing, social networking, guerrilla, current affairs, economy, positioning, viral marketing, upfront marketing, cross-media marketing, new media, human media, human business interactions, social media, trends, leadership, personal & professional development and team building. And above all, people.


I consider myself as a passionate player always ready for a challenge. I love to help others under any circumstances. I am that person who never, never, never, never, never gives up! unless I see the right thing at the right situation. Optimistic, loyal, determined, team-spirited, proactive and self-critical, here I stand.

A Vision

Believe in what I do every day of my life, have fun and connect people, make them aware of the benefits of an exciting life full of happiness where impossible is nothing, where we are free to change everything. We are free to build our own story.

We are here to help others and ourselves to find meaning in our lives. Everything else, is secondary and irrelevant.

Let’s connect!

My job isn’t making waves, but riding them.

What about you? I am really looking forward to connecting with you. Drop me an email at iam@isragarcia.com and let’s make it happen!

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