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Does your brand communicate and create noise? Has it already joined the conversation with your public? If so, have you noticed a positive ROI related to this action? If you’ve responded negative to at least one of these three questions and if you are looking at ways to boost your brand’s qualities through marketing and the digital economy, I may be of great help, professionally and experience wise. Who says that the digital channel can’t increase sales?

Throughout my personal work, and the one I’ve done over the last 7 years at IG. I’ve had the privilege to work with and for great professionals, always exploring together with them, and collaborate with agencies, small & medium sized companies, freelancers,  and startups… successfully, most of the times. Though, in the end, this is a very effective process; learning and absorbing the best out of all these experiences (good or bad) have enabled me to understand and use Marketing as means of expression, a way to connect brands and communities through human interactions.

Isra as Adviser and Analyst

As Adviser, I offer personal and professional one-to-one consulting/advising for brands in order to help you meet your marketing and communication objectives in the most efficient way. My multiple processes of developing an idea, trying it, putting it into practice, realizing the eventual mistakes and probably starting all over again constitute valuable experience and advice which will apply to your company/service/brand.

This is why everything that is shared on my blog consists of thoughts and conclusions drawn from my experiences and adventures. The best of all is yet to come, learn and perfect…while having fun as well.

Why choose Isra Garcia?


It’s been a while since I’ve been collaborating with Fundesem Business School on the Social Media Marketing and the General Management sections of their UPDATE newsletter. I am a frequent New Media, Social Media, and Community lecturer within Masters and other postgraduate courses at business schools and universities.

My contributions are valued by international publications like the Latin INyES platform developed to facilitate decision-making processes and Social Media Today, one of the world leaders in providing valuable online information on social environments.  I’ve been participating in conferences, seminars, and other marketing & communication events throughout Europe, US, South America and other places.

I lead workshops for CEOs, managers, and companies. I managed the Social Media Department at the Valencia City Hall (Diputación de Valencia) and I collaborate with one of the UK greatest marketing agencies, blur Group. As Advisor for the Amnesia Group, mainly Amnesia Ibiza (“The best Global Club for four years in a row), I am in charge of New Media and Online Marketing. I also advised for a period of time companies such as EMI Music Spain – Portugal. At Monk International (UK) I brought my experience in as Human Media Advisor, advising on online media and reputation for Blackberry UK & Ireland. I collaborated also with brands as Pioneer, MTV or Cream.

If you would like to know more about my projects and my professional experience, click on my Professional Bio.


For more than 6 years I’ve been involved in the digital landscape and everything related to it. I’ve been working for agencies and companies, both European and North American (check out my CV). This has allowed me to compare different approaches to work, knowledge, applications and processes. Add to it the extended follow-up I’ve invested into the Social Web, which has generated the resources, experiences, and sources that are so valuable for my adventure mates (clients). My wide experience is not due to the fact that I’m more intelligent than others; it’s just a result of the many times I’ve tried and failed and learned. And I’m not telling you that I’ll never fail again, but my margin of error has been reduced considerably. This is why I’m good at what I do.


Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines says: “Hire for attitude, train for skill”. It might sound strange, but this is the main reason you should consider me as your best option: being myself. My optimistic, proactive, enthusiastic attitude and my desire to act as a change agent are some of the best reasons for us to work together. I know who I am, where I am heading to and how to do it. I’m not assuming anything; I question everything through an irreverent and creative vision, which is then reflected in your brand. I believe the only thing capable of changing the world is…the people. I’m good at what I do because I love what I do. Would you like to know my trajectory? Here you have it.


Make your brand stay human by:

  • Speaking about relationships, not about clients
  • Speaking about experiences, not about services and products
  • Speaking about emotions, not about marketing

We are using the Social Web in order to boost the “Human Business Interactions” and make the brand tell a story, a story that finds its echo within the people and generates a bond between the two. Make your brand generate perceived and rewarded value!

One last mention…

I base my relationships with my adventure mates (aka clients) on this differential point: taking human interactions beyond platforms or channels. That is why it’s essential not to forget that everything we do has to do with persons and relationships, something which is easy to understand, but sometimes difficult to apply. Now I should list all the services I could provide to you, right? Well, no. I can’t guess what you or your company/brand needs, that is something you know better than me. My work is to listen to you so as to then guide you, help and offer the impulse needed to transform those needs into benefits. Still, if you want to know more about what I could do for you, check out “What is it that I do?” in my firm IG Empowering People, Business, and Communities.


“Isra, unlike many senior marketers nowadays doesn’t claim to be an expert. He understands that the overused term ceases to exist in a world with sharper consumers who are no longer passive to conventional communication. Forget traditional channels, this guy brings forward the idea that we are all individuals, despite our similarities and naturally recognizes the importance of brands having human relationships to succeed with their customers in this modern age. It’s for this reason he is great at what he does, twinned with his determination and enthusiasm when speaking to thousands at a conference through to educating just one CEO in a boardroom. A top trump in my black book.”

Matt Jones, EMEA Brand Engagement Manager at Research In Motion, BlackBerry and Owner en Giant Ventures.

“After more than one year working with Israel and supervising his work, I can highly recommend him for any work related with new marketing tools such as social media, e-marketing as well as other marketing and promotion areas. He has also shown an unbeatable attitude, pro-active, taking always the initiative for improving the company results. His teamwork ability is out of any doubt.
Events management is another of his strong points, has he has been in touch with all areas involved in an event production and has demonstrated that he can be resolutive and take decisions under pressure.
Last but not least I would emphasize on his creativity, making him really interesting by building new strategies and finding new business opportunities.” 27 de September de 2009

Valentino Barrioseta, Marketing Director, Amnesia Ibiza Group.

“Isra, Isra, Isra…two words: impeccable consistency! And to add a few more: extremely productive ambition! I’ve met Isra at Fundesem Business School, as he’s an ex-student who is now contributing to our General Management newsletter. Regardless of that, the time when he’s managed to make a real impact on quite a demanding audience was the day of his first conference on Social Media given entirely in English. Highly creative in terms of connecting the images to his ideas, very dynamic and convincing. Isra is the perfect example of a professional who has taken advantage of all the learning opportunities, always being eager to know more..and more. Limits are far…but Isra pushes them even further!”

Oana Damian, Internationally Experienced Marketer, and Communicator at Fundesem Business School, Area Manager and Co-Director of International MBA.

“Well, what can I say about Israel?
He is the man with the excellent strategic plan.
I had the greatest pleasure working with him, to the point where even though we are no longer direct colleagues, I still contact him now for advice and always kindly obliges.
I have no objection in saying that Israel would be an asset to any team, working on any project in any part of the world.” 25 de November de 2010

Lisa James, Recruiter, blur Group– blur Marketing division.

Now that you’re getting to know me better…

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