Use the Web-Utensils to Create Human Relationships

isra garcia - social webThe Social Web and the Internet allow us to scale human communications and harness the power of human business interactions. Tools such as MakeMeSuite, Storify,, Socialmention, GetSatisfaction, ThinkUp, MultiMi, Transfluent, Formsly,, Arkaine,, SocialBro, etc. or platforms such as Google +. Pinterest, Path, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are just a small piece of the cake that feeds the big Web. In other words, they’re just “utensils” that help us leading and driving our business in a very strategic fashion, making easier than ever connecting and interacting with the audience, which at the same time, facilitates business performace in the current online environment.

Build Experiences

Place your energy where it should be placed, in connecting and creating resonance with people. Save your passion, willingness and time for learning how these “utensils” urge and inspire creating human interactions and thus, how these could be used in order to build different types of customer experiences.

Make an effort for authentically connecting with people and then, technology and Social Media will make real sense.

¿How would you use the online platforms and tools that the Social Web offers us to align people, empower business transactions and consolidate business relations?

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Re-Defining New Media: Introducing Human Media

human business interactions

In an attempt of figuring out where we’re heading, I’m thinking about a new kind of media.

I’m talking about human media.

Human Media goes beyond Social Media, simply because it values and focuses on human relations happening through new media, instead of paying attention to social networks or emerging technologies.

Human media is the outcome of the resonance among people within online communities. It’s the true way of “staying human” through the Internet, so we can deeply connect with people and, more important, touch them in an emotional way.

Does it makes sense? What do you think?

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