Defining Human Media Through Interactive Helping-Points

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I still thinking in what I firmly believe is the way towards a new communication approach. Human Media, something tells me that I’m not mistaken. You.

The Beginning

The purpose of Human Media isn’t to treating people as machines that will obey to our actions check-in on Foursquare, doing a RT or tagging you on Facebook.

No, Human Media is born from human interactions that happen through the Social Web.

Human Interactions

Human interactions are part of Human Media because it allows us to create online bridges – call it engagement if you wish – among businesses and people. This is what really makes possible a more  human communication and starts the spark of light through resonance and attunement, it’s something that you should do slowly, in an authentic way and with transparency. Remember that we’re very good at recognizing honest signals, nut we’re even better on recognizing the ones that not. ¿Why is so delicate this process? It is easy, because there’re people at the other side of the spectrum.

Interactive Helping-Points

We’re not advocating that you should invent a complete new way to market, communicate and do business. No, it would be hard, heavy, painful aug inefficient, I suggest that you should benefit form the “interactive helping-points” that are already set up.

Guess what are the “interactive helping-points“:

  • Practices: PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, SM.
  • Areas: Web development, design management, Community innovation, Community leadership, tech-hunting, entrepreneurship, New Media.
  • Platforms: Twitter, Foursquare, SCVNGR, Pinterest, Instagram Path, Get glue, Yelp, Stumble upon.
  • Tools: Twisprout, Timely,, Badgeville, Let’s luch, card munche, Skype, Flowtown, TrackUR.
  • APPs: Boxcar, Evernote, Pulse, NetNews Wire, Live Share, Zite, G-Whizz, etc.
  • Mediums: online – offline, extending the relationship-interaction communication to the real world and vice versa.

Human Media acts as an amplifier for all this aspects, it does so empowering human relations through interpersonal abilities and technological skills focused on how people is inspired and moved by human interactions, values, attitude and leadership.

Using Human Media

When you use Human Media, you’re talking with people instead of software or technological devices. In other words, you’re staying human. Something slightly different of what occurs on Social Media, usually focused on social platforms relevance and how it uses people, not the way round. It sounds weird, but it’s just like that. As an example you only have to keep an eye on Facebook and rapidly you’ll understand of what I’m talking about.

Everybody wants to be connected and emotionally “touched,” we look for way to connect with what we want and who, even on the Internet.

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The True Meaning of Social Media: Human Media

social media isragarciaSocial Media is the opportunity of staying human beyond the Internet. And, what staying human means?

It means:

  • Inspiring people on the Social Web
  • Telling histories where aligning yourself with the audience
  • Creating a long-lasting relationship based on commitment, credibility and trust
  • Creating attunement with people around you
  • Building an environment of connectiveness that leads to better and solid relationships
  • Don’t giving up making interactions
  • Means being transparent and authentic at all costs
  • Giving away all the time
  • Loving and caring the people most matters to you and show it
  • Using and media to express emotions
  • Being accessible and supportive
  • Starting revolutions

That’s the power we are handling now. It’s time to take it seriously, because as you can see above it’s not only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever emerging platform.

The true Social Media means believing in the power of the human interactions – and how this creates value – beyond the technology and social-networks. We should start thinking in Human Media, not Social.

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New Media: Time to Go Social!

empowering business and communities

Go Social

You know that there’s something beyond social media, do you? We’re on the gates to a new marketing and com world, and the funny thing is that no one can predict how it will be! It’s time to move our business from a passive social media attitude to  a more active one!

Now, we have more power than ever and yes! We can make a difference through social media, we can change the way our business communicate and starts taking advantage of this new world of opportunities. Now it’s the time when you want to stop playing and get serious, it’s time to go social!


Let me be clear, I use the term Go Social for empowering business and communities through human interactions beyond social media. It’s actually what I’m doing, and honestly I love it!


How can we go social? Well we can go primarily by developing and implementing social media strategies for maximizing the reach, building influence and harnessing the power of global communications through human relationships within an engagement approach.

Let’s see how it changes:

  • Go Social is here because noise is dead, we talk about conversations.
  • There’s a 2 way conversation, authentic conversations are happening due to go social
  • Go Social gives them: Their voice is what really matter – I’m talking about audience’s voice, not your, what did you think?
  • Go Social is about listening – truly – Listen what they have to say and acting so
  • We’re living in an environment where content in the king and Go social makes it possible.
  • Give and get feedback, Go social is Being a learner as much as you’re a teacher
  • You guessed, at the end Go Social is all about Human Interactions

The Point

Go Social is achieving an effective and long-lasting communication between our public, through an authentic and genuine based human relationships.

Go Social inside Social Media, makes possible empowering businesses and communitites developing relationships and leveraging the audience.

You see, it’s all about human relationships and people, not platforms and tools.

Are you with me?

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