What Happened with Marketing?

What happened with marketing?Where’s Marketing? Isn’t trendy anymore? Doesn’t offer value for money as did it before?

What happened? Has suddenly Marketing mutated to a new form called Social Media Marketing? or it’s now Digital Marketing, as other people like to call it…Marketing 2.0 maybe? I wonder, if Marketing has just being replaced…or perhaps, it’s waiting for the right moment to make its unexpected appearance.

Has Marketing stopped making its well-known noise? – yeah, some of you call it conversation, right? – Does it means that Marketing has felt sleep? Or on the contrary, is marketing preparing a new revolution?

I just don’t know what happened with Marketing. Am I different from a couple of years ago? – Heck, I started in Marketing and now…what the hell! – I don’t see it anywhere….

I only can hope – and wholeheartedly wish – that we never forget it! Because, at the end we’re just looking for common sense.

What say you?

What happened with Marketing?

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Thoughts About Facebook Open Graph, Road to the Semantic Web

The basic premise of Facebook Open Graph is that, information about the user is shared and disseminated as it was IDs, which are connected to different platform sites. This sites translate this information into preferences, likes and habits depending on their purpose, and interpret them as a recommendations and suggestions based in what users have in their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Open Graph establishes a link between the objects represented in the graph (people, notes,photos, events, links…) and the connection to them (people you may know, tags, familiar/friend relationships, shared content…) Every time we say “I like” (new form of “become fan”) we’re giving to the Facebook graph API information that will spread virally among sites  as Pandora, Glue and sites we have never heard about it.

Facebook Open Graph seems to state that, it’s the formula to engage with users tailoring their wants, desires and likes, so they can deliver an “overwhelming interactive experience.” Facebook with the Open Graph, clearly opens a straight path towards the semantic Web(that’s to say 3.0) , which describes the relationships between things (like A is a part of B and Y is a member of  Z) and the properties of things (like size, weight, age, and price) integrating applications as Facebook Open Graph.

My main concern is, to what point is it beneficial for “us” that Facebook – or in a near future the semantic Web, shares all our personal information across the online world? To what extent is it beneficial for users that Facebook can collect information about likes or preferences and spread through the Web? Are they owners of our privacy? Are we at the doors of a new era where everybody can access to our personal information through social networks with ease? Is it truly woth it? Or on the contrary, will we be enjoying of a better tailored-user experience each time this sites adjust its content to meet our needs and likes?

What say you?

What is your view about the recent Facebook’s move? What will be the impact of this API graph? Is this the way towards the 3.0 Website?

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