Cookies & privacy

I use third party cookies and to have a sample web traffic and enable sharing on social networks find information here, navigation is deemed to accept continued use.

Session cookies
The cookies I use to administer the site, are not open to the public: cookies.

Temporal Cookies
cookies stored on the user’s device and for retrieving information from the navigation on the next visit. Have an expiration date but this expands beyond the end of the session. These cookies allow me to personalize your visits, gather statistics and to know your name, photo and email, as long as you are registered in one of the services that allows login.

Analytic Cookies
The characteristic of google analytics. Sometimes it helps to show wich keywords people use to find the site, the origin of visitors, the browser you use, resolution, language and similar analytical. You can get more information here. They are totally anonymous.

Social Cookies
I use them to control the shared content, manage RSS reader statistics, monitoring blog comments and are external to this site. Here you can learn more about SharethisYoutubeFacebookTwitterGoogle +GoogleLinkedin y Disqus.

In case you need to delete cookies here I leave an interesting article on wikipedia to remove and block cookies in the major browsers.