Excellence Program for the unemployed

The excellence program is a social impact project developed to help unemployed people to find a job in less than 60 days.

Excellence Program for Unemployed People - Isra Garcia


It’s a social-impact training program I decided to launch for my 36th birthday. I was following the idea of giving away my birthday for a good cause. A statement that I started when I was 33 years old. The Excellence Program was first launched in 2017 for my 35th birthday. It happened in Alicante and lasted 12 days, more than 12 hours a day, and it was for 35 people. The impact and the change were so significant and transformative that I took the lead and replicated this program all over the country, 36 cities in 150 days.

That’s my most important birthday gift ever; I’ll be touring Spain for more than 140 days and hosting the Excellence Program for unemployed people in 36 cities/towns. The program will last three days, each lasting more than 15 hours. The primary goal is still the same, empowering and training everyone who attends the program to find a job in 60 days. It is possible, and I’m willing to put myself on the line for free to create this long-lasting positive impact.


Entering the Excellence Program for Unemployed People


I’m willing to donate my most valuable asset, time to help people that live under disadvantaged circumstances. It is my motto; this is why I’m investing almost half the year in giving everything I’ve got, and I know so I can unleash the hidden unlimited potential that all those unemployed people have.

The program is a prototype born from Stand OUT Progam disruptive-transversal education and Inconformistas guerrilla-micoMBA.

Excellence Program for Unemployed People - Isra Garcia


>> Program ended – contact here for other educational projects.