Amazing, the best, top…

The best interview ever.

The most amazing website.

Top 10 influencers.

Unbelievable movie.

Awesome content.

The best post I’ve ever written.

Top 10 mistakes.

Amazing job.

The best strategy and best practices.

Breathtaking project – or collaboration.

Incredible song.

Terrific tweet.

Amazing business deal.

Outstanding speech.

We live in a time where everything is amazing, breathless or awesome. In a moment where almost everything is the best you’ve ever seen, done, listened, read o enjoyed. We live in an era where top rankings are made for almost everyone in order (most of the times) to position oneself.

Think about this, what will you call at something amazing that appears to be truly amazing? How will you describe the best thing ever that occurs to you when it will be really the best thing ever happened to you? How will you rank something that is already at the top of the top all the time?

Let’s do the right marketing when it’s only the right time.

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TEDx Talks, Isra García – Human Media: Beyond Social Media

In this TEDx talk I introduce and explain the idea of a more human media on the social web, Human Media, a different approach of marketing our audience according with the online revolution we are experiencing.

Here, I synthesize the concept from where it started everything, the rise of New Media, the Social Media revolution, it disruption and the necessity of a new redesign focused on the right thing, people, not in platforms, tools, APPs or this social hype we live in. I talk also about other concepts and examples about the Internet humanization.

Hope it makes sense and help groups and individuals staying human on the Internet. We can connect, create resonance and align with people at the same time we reach our business goals and win.

TEDx Talk – Human Media: Beyond Social Media

What are your thoughts on this?

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