“Isra is a highly disruptive person, a shot of inspiration” – Alex Hiller, Head of MSc Programmes at Nottingham Business School.

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Part of my activity, the one taking up most of my time right now, is what I call “having a chat”. From conferences to large industry events, speeches at companies or agencies, lectures in business schools or seminars. This is the part of my job I’m really passionate about, where I give it my all. The reason? Simple. It is a great opportunity to generate change and to help other people to make things happen.

I always try to approach my talks from a disruptive, daring, challenging, dynamic and fun angle. I involve the audience, making them take part in a way that they feel like the speakers. I like the audience to interact, learn and offer their feedback. Most of all, I make a conscious effort to challenge their thought processes, give rise to a reaction and to get things done right there and then!

I speak passionately about what I’m passionate about. Without such a passion I wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I do. I do what I love ‘cause I love what I do and it’s a chance to connect with thousands of people, equipping them by sharing knowledge, experiences and moments.


Technically, I could mention all topics related to New Media –New forms of online communication– and Marketing, Human Media, Social Media, Online Communities and Social Web in general. Here, you’ll find topics I have already approached at different events and conferences across the world, and other topics I could talk about. However, if there’s any specific topic you want me to talk about, just let me know.o

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Some Speaking Experience

Some of the Conferences, Events, and Forums in which Isra has taken part:

– “Human Media: Beyond Social Media.” – TEDxFundesem (Alicante, Spain)

– “Human Media Tour.” – Currently taking place – (Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, UK, US)

– “Social CRM, Human Media, Emotional Touchpoints and Human Business Interactions.” EBE 2011. (Seville, Spain)

– “Keys to making it happen in the disruptive economy” – Valle Empresa 365 (Cali – Colombia)

– “How to reinvent your business and your professional profile” – XX Young Businessmen Congress (Marbella)

– “UltraProductivity: the method” – UP tour : Alcoy, Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga.

– “How to make a difference” – Máximo Potencial (Elche)

– “Nonconformists: the new impresarios” – Valencia Connect (Valencia)

– “How to rock social media” – Adictos Social Media: closing (La Nucía)

– “The disruptive economy” – Future / El Ser Creativo (Madrid)

– “Living in change” – Talent Day 2016. (Madrid)

– “Useful digital marketing” – ‘Google Actívate”. (Valencia)

– “How to achieve anything” – Stand OUT Program Kick Off Valencia. (Valencia)

– “How to create an innovative retail” – Retail 2015. (Lima)

– “Why not you now? – Stand OUT Day 2016. (Madrid)

– “The disruptive education” – ‘El País con tu Futuro 2016’. (Madrid)

– “Choice and not change it what defines our future” – ?El País con tu Futuro 2015?. (Madrid)

– “Negotiation tactics for the new economy” – Annual Sales Convention CBN (Santa Cuz, Bolivia)

– “Create something inside that provokes something outside” – Ethic World Festival (León)

– “Disruption camp” – Gullón Cookies (Burgos)

– “How to excel in anything you want” – Stand OUT Program Kick Off Valencia (Valencia).

– “High Performance” – Stand OUT Program Kick Off Alicante (Alicante).

– “Draw your map” – The Dominican Republic Vice-presidency. (República Dominicana)

– “Marketing, Human Media, digital economy,  and disruption” – DemoDay EOI (Cuenca)

– “How to create a powerful brand as entrepreneur” – Spain Start-Up. (Londres)

– “Making it happen it’s better than waiting for the perfect moment” – Disney Learning-expo. (Madrid)

– “Guest experience” – Service leaders summit. (Bogotá, Colombia)

– “Pick yourself: How to make things happen” – Do Lectures; Do Costa Rica. (San José – Costa Rica)

– “Social Media: The revolution beyond the evolution.” GoSocial tour: Massachusetts, Atlanta, Miami, LA and Little Rock. (US)

– “Human Media: Revolution, Disruption, Convergence and Redesigning the Social Web.” WebConfLatino 2012. (Panama)

– “Re-defining New Media in the Social Web.” Professional Social Media Congress. (Madrid, Spain)

– “Human Media, Social Web and New Media approaches and research.” International Professors’ Week, Nottingham Business School. (Nottingham, UK)

– “The System’s Broken.” 12th Social Media Addicts at La Alhóndiga. (Bilbao, Spain)

– “Disruption of the Social Media and the need for a new model.” 10th Social Media Addicts at EOI. (Seville, Spain)

– “Disruption in Communication and Marketing and the Revolution.” 11th Social Media Addicts at MAM. (Murcia, Spain)

– “Using Human Media and the Social Web to change business turnover.” 100% Social Media Congress. (Madrid, Spain)

– Interview on Human Media in the RRTV program “Clave Económica”

– “Take a step forward.” Closing speech at the Enterprising in Social Media Congress. (Malaga, Spain)

– “From the Social Web to the Human Web.” Sona la Dipu, 3 Years Online. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Do Something – How to Create Business Channels for Companies.” 4th Marketing Culture Conference. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Disruption after the Revolution.” 11th Social Media Addicts at MAM. (Murcia)

– “The New Social Web Era: Small Steps Matter.” 4th Marketing Culture Conference. (Alcoy, Spain)

– “Actionable New Media.” Closing Speech of the Social Media/Community Masters at UA. (Alicante, Spain)

– “Life’s too short not to do something fascinating.” Entrepreneurial Day of the Valencia Region. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Human Business Interactions beyond Social Media.” Panama 2.0. (Panama)

– “Social Media: Opening the door to a new world full of opportunities.” Simultaneous connection through CINEMAX cinemas. (Mexico)

– “Strategic Development in Social Media.” GoSocial Tour. (LatAm)

– ”Ignore the Social Networks At Your Own Risk.” International Conference with Universidad Panamericana. (Mexico City)

– “Social Media – Empowering Business and Communities”. The University of Miami. (Miami, US)

– “Human Media: Re-evolution isn’t in the social but in the human.” 7th Social Media Addicts at Fundesem Business School. (Alicante, Spain)

– “Convergence of the Social Web Ecosystem”. 8th Social Media Addicts at CEU. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Social Media: The opportunity to be great.” 1st Social Media Addicts at MuVIM. (Valencia, Spain)

– “How to develop and integrate a step-by-step Social Media strategy.” 2nd Social Media Addicts. (Alicante, Spain)

– “A Youth Trained Not to Think. Drawing and Leading.” AIROA Transitos. (Murcia, Spain)

– “Social Media Workflow”. Social Media Addicts. (Alicante, Spain)

– “How to generate traffic and increase visibility using the Social Media”. Social Media Addicts. (Alicante, Spain)

– “The Social Media Ecosystem”. 4th Social Media Addicts at CESMA. (Madrid, Spain)

– “Social Media: The fundamental shift” – in English – IMBA. (Alicante, Spain)

– “The Social Web Framework”. 5th Social Media Addicts at Instituto Nuevas Tecnologías. (Malaga, Spain)

– “Go Social.” – English – International Conference at Fundesem (Alicante, Spain)

– “Human Business.” 9th Social Media Addicts. (Valladolid, Spain)

– “Social Media in the Company.” Museo del Niño Papalote. (Mexico City)

– “Community Connector: Connecting communities.” Universidad Panamericana. (Mexico City)

– “Community Connector: Building interactive bridges.” Universidad Politécnica de Valencia campus. (Alcoy, Spain)

– “Social Media customer experience.” 3rd Social Media Addicts at UPV. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Towards a more human ROI.” 1st Castilla y La Mancha Social Networks Meeting at Federación Empresarios. (Valladolid, Spain)

– “Social Media Re-evolution.” 6th Social Media Addicts at Parque Científico-Tecnológico Bizkaia. (Bilbao, Spain)

– “The Internet as a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation.” 6th Social Media Addicts at Parque Científico-Tecnológico Bizkaia. (Bilbao, Spain)

– “Why Social Networks Are So Powerful.” Potenciador. (Alicante, Spain)

– “Social Media in the Public Administration.” Regional Government of Valencia. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Social Networks in the Public Administration: interactive marketing in the public services.” Fundación Universidad Empresa. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Social Media – Social Networks in Political Campaigns.” Tour across the Region of Valencia (Region of Valencia, Spain)

– “Social Media as a Tool for Promoting Culture.” Fundación Universidad Empresa. (Valencia, Spain)

– “Paving the way for the Social Media Rockstar.” ESIC Business School. (Madrid, Spain)

– “Social Media Marketing for the Property Sector.” Property Agents’ Association in the province of Alicante. (Alicante, Spain)

– Also, taking an active part in schools, non-profits, and charities events.

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