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Employees, managers, students, and professionals who reach a Holistic High-Performance state are increasingly needed. This new profile is a precious asset in a new world that is breaking through — an increasingly fluid world, with more complex businesses and a more demanding work environment. In fact, according to a study by The Corporate Executive Board (CEB), seven out of eight managers want their employees to improve their performance by around 20%. Why? To help them achieve business goals that they cannot achieve alone.

Someone who practices this Holistic High-Performance methodology is known as a holistic high-performer, often associated with athletes or other people of great success. However, anyone can walk the path of “their” highest performance; it is personal. These types of people, the high-performers, exceed their goals. In addition to possessing a great lifestyle and efficient and effective work techniques/methods. However, the CEB says that new business environments demand to be always at the balanced peak of our human potential. That is to say, reaching the holistic high-performance state. Not only that, but we must also be at fast learning and improving, effective in solving problems, and more efficient in decision making. And last but not least, we must know how to work collaboratively while leading with purpose.


holistic high-performance


The Peak of human potential

How do people like Elon Musk do it? He is undoubtedly a holistic high-performer, although more focused on the intellectual dimension. It is just like Seth Godin, who also has a strong focus on the emotional and spiritual dimension. Others like Maria Sharapova, Dr Rhonda Patrick, Sheril Sandberg, Mel Robbins, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, or Richard Branson are fundamentally balanced because they work the four dimensions more assiduously and almost daily. I know this because I have been researching, following, and analysing around 40 profiles for nearly four years—some for even more.

After all, I have learned with Stand OUT Program (a disruptive educational program I ran since 2013), at the Ultraproductivity Method, at the Excellence Program, I think it is a shame that many do not learn to walk the path of high performance. One day you realise that you can move forward more efficiently than you thought.

One day I realised how this worked, leading by example, experimenting and trying to learn and improve in everything I could find ahead of me. Obtaining a speciality, and then opening myself to expansive knowledge. Being obsessive and leaving the balance for later.

I have been working, shaping, and testing the methodology I have designed for the Holistic High-Performance for around four years. One way to get anyone to reach their peak performance. I have not only tried myself but with more than 1,300 people only in the first training program, I’m running.

Holistic High-Performance

Today we are burnt by productivity, achieving our professional goals, having a tremendous economic return, and winning the battle at the same time. So much so that we end up living a life that is not ours. So much that we end up crushed, depressed, and set aside so much that the damage takes years to repair, and sometimes it is even irreversible. That is why the need to integrate the Holistic High-Performance method into our lifestyle is critical.

We can’t continue thinking about being great professionals, with great businesses and great jobs, if first, we are not great and optimised people. Self-conscious people and hard-working people. Whole people, with a clear and healthy philosophy and a winning lifestyle.


holistic high-performance by Isra Garcia


This is where holistic high-performance comes in. That is, the work, empowerment, optimisation, and finally balance, of the four dimensions that make up the human being:

  • Physical.
  • Intellectual.
  • Emotional.
  • Spiritual.

You will become that great person – and a better professional – if you work each of those dimensions every day. How to do it? Through super-microhabits, core abilities, hacks, and systems that focus on one or more dimensions at once.

Holistic High-Performance – Techstars talk

When I was in New York working with Techstars, I had the opportunity to participate in what they call TED-Techstars talk. A kind of TEDx but internal. I thought it would be an exceptional opportunity to share the methodology and philosophy of Holistic High-Performance with all of them, with the American market and with the rest of the world. Here you can find (in English – and without subtitles) the talk “Holistic High-Performance for everyone.”

How to start practising it

How to start practising holistic high-performance? What is needed to start taking steps towards this methodology? It is easier than it seems, it is also simple, but it requires self-discipline, initiative, curiosity, and self-awareness.

Finding your optimal shape is more than just physical; it requires intellectual, emotional, and spiritual work. It’s holistic, that’s the part that we leave out of the equation, and that’s the crucial part. Nor can we all achieve it in the same way, since each person is a different world – the same applies to companies. That is why we must test out super habits and hacks that we use daily to see how they are impacting on our high holistic performance.

Start maximizing your holistic performance

What is everything that could make you feel good, intellectually? What could help you heal emotionally or serve as an escape route for those emotions? And that would make it possible to go slowly into your soul and find your most spiritual part? Let’s, of course not forget the physical part; What are those practices that will help you feel your body while caring for it and reaching its maximum levels? The answers to these questions, translated into small (or tiny) practices, habits, points of improvement (“hacks”) that you implement daily at the most pleasant moments for you is the way to create the method.

It could indicate more than a hundred of those professional practices, super habits, or whatever you want to call it, but that will not serve you as much as if you discover which ones are the best for you by yourself. What I can give you is an idea to get quick results:

Select four practices from each of the four dimensions mentioned above, which you can carry out straightforwardly. Everything at a time of day that is realistic for you, preferably divide them between morning and night. You can start with the examples that I give in the Great Morning and the Great Night. And then you can look at some example practices that you will find here. This is just a small, but efficient, step towards holistic high-performance.

The democratisation of that “state of bliss” reserved for only a few

Last January, I began to advise and train a group of people from Miami to achieve their Holistic High-Performance. The profiles are diverse, a philanthropist, a top private bank executive, a painter, a real estate broker, a triathlete, a psychologist and coach, and a TV presenter. How was it to unite and get this heterogeneous group? All this was due to a one-day workshop that I organised when I was there training Guillermo in the same subject.

The impact of the High Holistic Performance method

It was a small demonstration – 1 pm to 11:50 pm – of what this amplifying methodology of human potential is as well as the results in the concise term and where it could take them in the medium and long-term. The impact was so good that the next day, before leaving for Spain, five of the 16 participants wanted me to work with them. Two others would join later. And there are three more waiting to work with them in a personalised way when I return to the city.

The High-Performance Holistic method is the main characteristic that supports the foundation of Stand OUT Program since 2015. Achieving an impact of 93.5% in more than 1,300 people who have participated. As well as the core of the Excellence Program, which is also embedded in the DNA of the Inconformistas. And also, the transforming element of the online program Ultraproductivity Method as well, as a part of the program in “Self-Mastery” that we have recently launched. All this, in addition to feeling that it is my professional purpose, due to how it has transformed the people it has touched, from Colombia to South Africa, passing through the United Kingdom and the United States.

Expansion and method plans

That is why soon I am going to live and work in North America; it is the place where I can expand, widen, deepen and research to finish the scientific validation in which I have been submerged for years, and which now needs funds for the final phase. A boost that has been offered to me through two private investors.

This will soon be:

  • A platform (offline – online)
  • A scientific study.
  • A scientifically argued method.
  • A group, business and individual training program (first face-to-face and then jumping online)
  • An academy of professionals qualified in the method.
  • A book explaining the method of High Holistic Performance – to help you achieve it.

The mission

It is to democratise this divine state of bliss, grace, flow, elevation, exaltation and integral completion. Something that provides to be holistically developed, empowered, balanced and optimised from the four dimensions of human potential. Anyone should be able to access this heavenly state, and not just elite athletes, successful celebrities and millionaires, or people with the monetary, intellectual, and physical resources. But for everyone who wants to access, is capable, is prepared and willing to get there. That is my mission, and I will give it my all.
It is already happening, the people who are participating in the workshops Unstoppable in Times of Crisis, are beginning to walk that path almost without knowing it. All the people who have gone through my training projects like the ones I mentioned above are already experiencing it, and what is better is they are infecting others and spreading their advantages and results.

Call to action

If you want to enter the path of Holistic High-Performance, there are four possibilities. One, start practising from now on, transversal disruptive education, which is on the Stand OUT Program. Two, by getting closer to Inconformistas micro-MBA. Three, get ready to participate in the training program that I am tailoring for mid-2020 and also retreats for companies and teams. And forth, hiring me as an HHP trainer/consultant. Contact me here and let me know what your preference is.