We all do marketing; according to Seth Godin, we are all marketers and change agents, and marketing is a tool for creating a positive impact. So, the key to attaining the best marketing in the world relies upon the marketer; this is why before marketing to other individuals and organizations, we need to do it to ourselves first; this process is called Self-marketing.

Isra is on a mission to support ruckus-makers thriving using Self-marketing, a personal disruption method for reinventing oneself and awakening and harnessing our fullest potential in every sense.

Besides this, as a marketer & business strategist, and executioner, Isra offers personal and professional one-to-one consulting and advising for selected brands to help you meet business goals most efficiently. He has been a mentor at TechStars, also in its Blockchain Accelerator Program; he also has worked for some of the following companies: FC Barcelona, 3M, Avianca, Kellogg’s, Pacha Group, EMI Music, Gullon, BlackBerry, MTV, blur Group, Cibergestión, Ushuaïa Ibiza, elrow, Amnesia Ibiza, Palladium Group, Pacha Group, Novartis, Marco Carola, Sodexo, Habor Ithaka, Raptor Marketing, Paperchain, Hello Demo…

His systems, experience, methods, and multiple processes of developing an idea, trying it, putting it into practice, realizing the inevitable mistakes, and probably starting all over again constitute valuable experience and advice that will apply to companies, services, or brands.

Here’s a list of the more than 50 companies Isra has advised.