In a nutshell

Marketer, digital & business adviser, speaker, blogger, and educator. Disruption enthusiast and Lifestyle experimentalist.
Principal at IG. Author; Human Media Mapmakers, Burning Man Quest, Ultraproductivity, Nonconformists, Digital Marketing for Dummies and How to be Unstoppable. And also the founder of Stand OUT Program, and co-founder of Engage Worldwide - Engage Colombia, Guateque, Mapmakers and "Inconformistas" agency. Advisor at Ilusia. And mentor at Techstars.


He works globally with brands, mid-sized organisations and marketing/media agencies to bridge the gap between, disruption, human relationships and the resulting interactions, business goals and marketing strategies. Once the data is collected and analysed, once internal/external conversations are transcribed, dissected and turned into actions, he starts to see opportunities to bring people, departments, business and thinking together.

Purpose & Job

His job is reflecting the change, inspiration, and disruption into people. He cares about human interactions this is why he makes marketing, and the Internet collides with human nature, emotions, feelings, and relationships. Isra often says that we cannot possibly become “gurus” or experts of any medium that evolve faster than the ability to master it.

Commitment & Work

His work at IG is both inspiring, rewarding and eye-opening while he keeps it disruptive and intense. The work becomes about recognising new opportunities, direction, and the change necessary to create alignment toward new directions, so we can create an outcome in people and businesses that can change the game.


EMI Music (Spain ), BlackBerry (UK – Ireland), Cibergestión BC Group (LATAM), Teatro Marbella (Spain), 226ERS (Spain). Disney (Spain), Ecopetrol (Colombia), MTV (UK), Lacasitos (Spain), Century 21 (Spain), Panama Jack (Spain), Pioneer (UK) and blur Group (UK), Amnesia Ibiza (Spain) and Music On (Spain – Italy). MONK (UK). Bridges for Music (South Africa). Marco Carola. Ushuaia Beach Hotel. elRow, Puerta a la Vida (Costa Rica), Josef Ajram, Paperchain, Hello Demo...

Blogger, Speaker & Adviser

His Spanish blog on Digital, Marketing, disruption, lifestyle, new perspectives, productivity and change are visited by more than 130,000 people every month. Only 36, Isra has taken part as a TEDx speaker on three occasions and has participated in more than 400 industry events as speaker. At 27, he started his own agency and has worked as consultant and analyst on new forms of online communication and marketing for other agencies and brands.

Columnist & Professor

Isra writes for national and international publications such as The Startup, Expansion, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, SmartBrief. He is a guest lecturer at EOI, Fundesem Business School, Nottingham Business School, University of Leeds and University of Manchester.


He co-founded and was the organiser of "Adictos Social Media" and "Internet Changes Everything." Isra was featured for one year as Social Media Today's Best thinker member. He has also been named one of the top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, a Boston-based PR agency.

Lifestyle Experimentalist

From ultra-endurance events to long-lasting fasting, from working 100 days without social media to living in silence, Isra is using hacking techniques and trying everything on himself, obsessively focused on discovering the answers to this one persistent question: What are the simplest and most powerful things you can do to be better at everything?

Adventurer & Challenger

Always pushing the intellectual and physical work - Ironman (France / UK). "Ultraman" (UK): 10km swim + 420km bike + 84,3km run. "Burning Man Quest"; 573km cycling, swimming and running "non-stop" from Fairfield to Black Rock City for a cause. Titan Desert Race (Sahara): 666kms MTB race. Live the Possibility: Miami to Las Vegas riding a fatty bike. "Desafío por la Vida", "Road to Afrika Burn"...