Marketer. Advisor. Speaker. Writer. Educator. Impresario. Principal at IG. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Disruptive innovation. Digital transformation. High-performer and a lifestyle experimentalist. Isra is forward motion.

“The true method of knowledge is experimenting.” – William Blake.

Isra Garcia has been involved in marketing for 13 years, and in digital for 11 years; it was in 2006 when he started experimenting with social networking sites, blogs, and online Marketing.

Isra has launched more than 120 projects over his career. He also works globally as a principal at IG – Empowering People, Business, and Communities. Professional speaker and Marketing, Digital & Business Transformation advisor. He’s mentoring at TechStars.

Isra Garcia is considered a passionate player always ready for a challenge. He is that person who never, never, never, never, never gives up, unless I see the right thing in the right situation. Optimistic, loyal, determined, team-spirited, proactive and self-critical, here he stands.