Best selling Author in Amazon. Holistic High-Performance trainer. Marketer. Consultant. Speaker. Author. Educator. Blogger. Podcaster. Entrepreneur. Disruptive innovation. Digital transformation. Isra means forward motion. Now in stats and figures: 9 books, 72 clients, 62 biz advised, 439 speakings, 5.020 articles, 41 projects, 541 lectures, seven companies, 22 adventures, 48 experiments and ∞ fails, so far…

“The true method of knowledge is experimenting.” – William Blake.

Isra Garcia has been involved in marketing for 13 years and in digital for 11 years; in 2006, he started experimenting with social networking sites, blogs, and online Marketing.

Isra has launched more than 120 projects over his career. He also works globally as a principal at IG – Empowering People, Business, and Communities. Professional speaker and Marketing, Digital & Business Transformation advisor. He’s mentoring at TechStars.

Isra Garcia is considered one of the youngest leading experts on human potential and peak performance, specialising in impact marketing, disruption, unstoppable attitude and experimental lifestyle.

Isra García = self-awareness + self-discipline + relentless drive + magnanimity + disruptive mindset + unstoppable attitude + impact marketing + optimal performance.