The School of modern Stoicism

The School of modern Stoicism

This book – the School of Modern Stoicism – (in Spanish) is the culmination of several years studying, learning and practising Stoic philosophy. It is written during the first 35 days of confinement and quarantine due to COVID-19. Just at the same moment where I saw the outcome of the work done studying and applying this “operating system”.

Think about this… The moment that we are living right now is fascinating, also maddening, delusional and very turbulent. What seems much more extraordinary is that thousands of people are turning to Stoic philosophy for the first time to face a situation of such magnitude as that generated by the Coronavirus and all its subsequent chaos and uncertainty.

This is a book that as its main concept “prepares us for anything that may come” – both great moments and moments like the one we live in. It’s a book that also equips us with greatness of mind, spirit, attitude and stoic mentality in times of crisis and good fortune (the Magnanimity to which Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Rufus and Diogenes, among others, refer so much – and with so much reason).

It is not a book about philosophy; I am not a philosopher (much to my regret), it is an action book (here I am an expert) stoic adapted to this 2020, for entrepreneurs, freelancers, freelancers, businesswomen, unemployed, leaders or decision-makers. And even better, it is for anyone who has it in their hands and needs to know how to dance with everything that life (or Fortune or Fate as the Stoics say) has in store for us. All without forgetting to cultivate, work and train the most important part and the that we can influence and empower more, ourselves and the virtue that is within.

The School of Modern Stoicism is the most actionable, practical and useful way that I have been able to develop to bring down the precepts, strategies, principles and systems of Stoic philosophy from Olympus and put them at the service of anyone willing to lead a virtuous life.

You can register for the waiting list and pre-sale here, as the book launch is in November.