This is “IG”, the evolution of the former IG Agency – A firm of advisers, leaders and ruckus-makers. It specializes in Holistic Business Coaching, High-Performance business training, self-mastery & life-mastery education, marketing, ultraproductivity consulting, disruption and holistic transformation in the connected economy. It brings about positive transactional change, obtaining process-driven results, providing human excellence in every step of the customer and client (and hero’s) journey and creating resonance from the backbone of our beliefs and principles.

Our approach covers the four human potential dimensions: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, integrating this into the business and leadership landscape.

Through our disruptive training process (online or in person), we work tirelessly to empower, transform, uplift and skyrocket to the next level of teams, organizations, executives, top performers, and business leaders. We move people in a way that has never been transferred. We act as a bridge between those human beings and their most remarkable and wildest versions. But, for us, the action is the final and biggest realization. We make practice and outcome collide here and now, impacting the people we train and coach.

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