IG Marketing Agency

IG was a firm of advisers, consultants, executioners and leaders. Specialized in marketing, digital, creativity, disruptive innovation, and business transformation.

We served for over 12 years, empowering businesses, communities and individuals. What a remarkable journey.

We helped brands, organizations, and people lead the change towards future business communication and marketing between brands and people on the Internet and inhuman business interactions. Bringing about change, obtaining results, providing excellence and creating resonance form the backbone of our beliefs and principles. Based on this, we made new forms of communication and digital transformation work.

The agency is now closed, this is just an informative page.

IG meant marketing that matters

IG – Empowering People, Businesses & communities:

Brands and companies we worked for

Here’s a short list of the businesses and organizations we worked for:

  • 226ERS.
  • Amnesia Ibiza.
  • BCC Speakers.
  • Bridges for Music.
  • Burning Man project.
  • Cala Bandida.
  • Cibergestión by Grupo BC.
  • Compensar.
  • Cristian Varela (DJ/Producer)
  • Dipitación de Valencia.
  • East Ender Festival.
  • Ecopetrol.
  • Elrow.
  • Engage Worldwide.
  • Entradas a tu Alcance.
  • Euro Jávea.
  • Groovety.
  • Grupo Sura.
  • Gullón.
  • Gunitec Concept Pools.
  • Javi Sánchez (DJ/Producer)
  • Josef Ajram.
  • La Imprenta.
  • Lacasitos.
  • Mar-T (DJ/Producer)
  • Marco Carola (DJ/Producer)
  • Mentolín.
  • Music On.
  • Panama Jack.
  • Puerta a la Vida.
  • Teatro Marbella.
  • TEDxSevilla.
  • Uniandinos.
  • Ushuaia Beach Hotel.
  • Palladium Group Hotel.
  • Valencia Terra i Mar.
  • Vice Presidency of the Dominican Republic.

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