Too fast will kill excellence

The idea is amazing, breathtaking and really disruptive, but we need something fast that creates value in the marketing and in our potential buyers. We need innovation, yes, but only when we succeed quickly first. This is the everyday battle gains the excellence. I’m talking about the most complicated part when you’re an entrepreneur, businessmen, CEO or when you belong to the marketing industry. It’s not a question about high-quality ideas, yet great ideas are dying so well. What the first sentence means is the erosion of launching and execution. And the frustrating ability to kill a business opportunity.

“Your great idea doesn’t sell anymore”

“We need something greater than a simple idea”

“We should execute practical thoughts, not good intentions”

“We’re here for the adventure and action that comes with it, not for having ideas”.

Every time this is happening, it’s the beginning of the end. And, as this critically affects work quality and performance, it’s only the begging of a painful end. Fat is important. Being fast it’s being smart. Having ideas it’s only having ideas.

And yet, being too fast only will bring misfortune and bad results. It’s worse than doing something mediocre. That is to say, fast can destroy excellence. Both are anything but diametrally opposed.

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