Use the Social Web to Tell Stories that Create Resonance

Let me be clear, we do not want you to sell us, neither that you talk about what your business can offer us, Not to mention, the classic “how to be the best alternative.” If you think that we want to listen how fascinating your products o services are, you will be mistaken. Hide the word marketing in the last drawer of your office. Human Media goes beyond recreating nonexistent necessities, so marketers can launch a new product that looks the same, but improved and then, creating another supposed necessity, the wheel does not stop here…

A New Vocabulary

¿Do you want to scare your audience? Name some of this words: sales, target, loyalty o data base. However, this words are essential.

Whether you want to assume it or not, the game has changed. If you intend to carry out any of the actions listed above – hope you will, if not you will be damn lost – this is the new vocabulary: connect, align, guide, equip, create resonance and consolidate.

It’s not about the technology, but people and what happens among them.

Talk about… emotions, feelings, self-effacement, failures, examples, commitment, people, love, passion and eagerness. Tell a story, the story of you and your business, how you started, these hard moments you had to face, how you have got here. Stay human, always.

Touching People

Some months ago, I spoke about Social Media for some Realtors and state agents. When the event had finished, in the Q&A time, one attendant told me that feelings, trust, credibility, transparency and emotions had been always there. Nothing new. He told me also, that it was surprising that in the new media era we will come out with values again. My answers was pretty simple and clear “if you truly want to play in this new scenery, these are the rules towards real results, if not you can always swim to nowhere.”

The new marketing and the communication that goes with it, it’s not about social media, neither complex technologies. It’s about human relationships. resonance and alignment with people. Everything has a story, a human story, touching, moving and friendly. It’s then when you “touch” people. In this exact moment you are creating resonance, the new marketing.

The Human Story

It’s not about what you say, it’s the story that you create and how it touches people emotionally. The story of a brand, the sort of a business founder that had to leave his country for immigrating to France so he can master his craft, then he left to Canada and later on he passed his knowledge to his sons, they have followed his path years later and now it’s one of the most successful business focused on spas and pools of spain. Talk about real stories of real people, don’t talk about Cinderella, twitter PROs or celebs, it’s not going to work, they are just victims of this ego-system part of the hype-environment we are living now.

Make use of this opportunity: tools, APPs, channels and platforms that will help you to connect in a very human way. If we practice human media through social media, we can change the focus, actions and epicenter. We get rid go the tech-obsession, social hype and #smokemaking and we empower people and it’s human interactions.

In its Heart

Don’t forget that the audience is the heart of the brand. Now the brands have the responsibility for making the public part of its story. Human Media makes possible the engagement between public and brand. It creates emotional touch points that makes people feel part of the brand and the story that it telling to the market. However, there’s still something missing, how the brand stays human and transmit to their customers what it is through interpersonal communication process. Tell people about your desires, fears, achievements and goals, beginnings, funny things, tell the story. Make your brand human, make it alive.

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