Why you shouldn’t buy followers on Twitter



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1. Twitter monitors inactive or suspicious accounts and eliminates them in the mid-term (3 or 4 months). This means that more than 70% of what you buy will be invalidated at some point. This also means that your number of followers will decrease drastically. This will raise suspicion and, in many cases, have a negative effect.

2. People looking into your followers will see that they’re not coherent: usually located in Latin America, biographies that make no sense, preset profile images and interests and objectives that aren’t in line with your target audience.

3. It will damage your brand’s credibility and your professional credibility. Unless, of course, you come out first and clearly explain your reasons for buying them. Here’s a tip: such motives should be convincing.

4. Their effect on your reach or engagement will amount to nothing.

5. Such accounts are usually inactive (though not spam).

6. In theory, it doesn’t look like you’re buying followers. ‘Smarter’ managers call them campaigns. However, in practice, you’re buying followers.

What other reasons can you come up with to defend why you shouldn’t buy followers on Twitter?

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