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The following explanation is a simplified framework for a digital marketing consulting workflow. Its developed so it can be applied to any organization, brand or small business.

The framework divides itself into ten parameters


digital marketing consulting


The digital marketing consulting works through 10 factors:

1. State of the business, background, and analysis

Here is where we work through the business context itself. Online presence evaluation, digital identity, and state of the brand report.

2. Fundamentals

It’s about creating a checklist for the global business marketing. Reviewing the excellence in every process for products and services, and also for customer care.

3. Strategic stage

What matters here is identifying every system and strategic methods that are part of the business. Examples:

  1. Goals.
  2. Producto / service development.
  3. Lifecycle adoption processes.
  4. Marketing planning.
  5. Social business model.
  6. Digital ecosystem.
  7. Employee workflow optimization.
  8. Tactics framework.
  9. Customer journey.

4. Content

Content marketing strategy and tactics. Plan, actions, resources, and scheduling.

5. Community and engagement

Operational work that includes community leadership. Feedback tactical plan, products/services launching, campaigns execution process and relationship mapping through conversations. Also comprises interactions report.

6. Digital marketing

Campaigns, email marketing, database marketing, Augmented Reality, real-time tactic, geo-location campaigns, SEO, SEM, and mobile.

7. Tools and productivity platforms

A series of collaborative and management tools that will serve for empower the work is being made through the Internet.

8. Digital advertising

Advertising plan study, development and optimization. It will also rely on the digital platforms that the business is using or is planned to use.

9. Analytics and ROI

Actions, parameters and rules for quantifying what has been done and its consequent outcome.

10. Towards the digital transformation

The last step is developed to establish the factors that will help to guide the organization throughout the digital transformation journey:

  • Digital employer branding.
  • Interdepartamental digital productivity.
  • Digital guest experience.
  • Cross-media actions.
  • Digital leadership.
  • Disruptive technologies for a better functioning (inside and outside)
  • Human Media.

A valuable, useful, helpful and straightforward digital marketing consulting outline put together, is not a mystery to no one.

Photo credit: Pim Pam Estudio.