/ Mapmakers.

If you want to push you far ahead of where you are right now, but you fear that it’s not possible. Perhaps, some items of this list might help you:

  • Go to Amazon and see what can you sell better than others.
  • Read blog posts that resonate with your work, and apply one thing at the time. One blog post, one actionable learning.
  • Try to create a blog and write once a week about something that you can teach.
  • Redraw the way you work with the goal to create better work.
  • Tell the story it’s in your head.
  • Lose weight practising sports and eating healthy food.
  • Disconnect from the world for at least one month.
  • Study about the subject you are most passionate about.
  • Write a book about your secret art.
  • Present the topic you master in front of people that have fewer opportunities than you.
  • Challenge your team constantly.
  • Redesign your products and/or services.
  • Do something that scares you.
  • Analyse the meaning of happiness and then chase it.
  • Learn to do something that you don’t know how to do it, but in secret, you wish you could do.
  • Look for the promotion you want… or better yet, create your own promotion starting your own thing.

Then, you’ll need tools, marketing, a story, a brand, platforms, money, distribution, execution and strategy. But guess what, now is easier and quicker than ever before going one (or two, or three or four, or five) step ahead. To make something happen.Even far beyond. It’s all ready and waiting for you.

Shall we go? Somebody has to do it after all.