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I’m not talking about figures or behaviors that we would associate to a fad or a particular bubble – spotted – from my point of view, I would associate it to an explosion, the social web is skyrocketing and is reaching such an enormous magnitude simply because it’s more human and less mechanical. This is the reason why everything we do on it is so appealing and seductive to us – human beings. Commonly, we feel attracted by things that allow us to be more human. This should be a call to action for those people whose mission is humanizing and yes, socializing businesses and brands.

Every day more and more people is being productive in their spare time, in the “”non-work time.” When we lead as machines our business, we are wasting the opportunity of creating conectinveness and resonance. Businesses that start paying attention on how to stay human despite of the technology and grant opportunities to employees as well as customers of connecting and engaging through their work, interactions and transactions, will win a competitive advantage worth of being present in every successful marketing plan.

Human Media as a Strategic Process

We are now expecting human relations, no matter where, when and how happens the transaction and so the interaction. Now the strategy is staying human through the Internet and beyond the social media hype, and yes, making use of the online landscape to reach marketing and media goals. How you conceptualize these processes will help to identify human marketing touch points, which harness the power of the new media platforms and tools and perhaps, step towards the digital ecosystem. This is the strategic part of human media, the one that helps to draw the path so we can reach the market for creating the desired effect on our audience, you can only do that if you connect emotionally with the public, building credibility, trust and showing you are there, just in time, caring about them.

Simply by understanding that staying human is the key, we will see how this perspective drives a fundamental change in the way we relate to other people within interactive environments.

Photo credit: young hr manager.