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It has been almost 3 weeks since my last posting,  my 3 words for 2010. Perhaps, it couldn’t be most proper moment to talk about the resolutions for this uncertain and puzzling coming year. If you’re a top blogger, a twitter fanatic, a social media addict or trendy enough, You may think this was a topic for being discussed at the beginning of January, that it’s not hot anymore or that isn’t going to increase the traffic through my blog and so on…but I don’t care, I really believe that’s what life is about, caring only for things are worth of it. I’ve been working on my resolutions for 2010 and my unique aim is to share them with you, hoping they empower your goals and encourages you to carry on with them to the end of the year, I might even want you to review and reconsider your resolutions – if applicable – Last but least, I’d like to see if we agree at some point  and comparing and contrasting mine with yours.

Undoubtedly, a big challenge where a great amount of effort is required!

My Prof. Resolutions

  • Managing my social time as Chris Brogan said in managing social media time. I’ll focus ½ my efforts on reading and looking for content, ¼ on comment and giving feedback and ¼ on creating and delivering content.
  • I’ll intend to spend no more than 4 hours a day.
  • Organizing my mind and get straight to the point, sometimes, when I’m talking with people I’ll get stuck and lose plenty of time trying to explaining details, which make no difference at all. Therefore, I’ll focus my efforts on omit these inefficient costly talks and get to the point.
  • I’ll follow my 3 words and develop my goals based on them.
  • I’ll be conscious about what kind of content I’m sharing, when I’m going to deliver it, to who and with what purposes.
  • I’ll work harder than ever to make my goals happen, I’ll start trying by doing and putting in practice and not by thinking and writing.
  • I’ll work when other slow down, when nobody knows, when nobody does (holidays, summers, Christmas, etc.)
  • I’ll work overnight, but, most importantly I won’t let anybody know how hard and long I work.
  • I’ll give thanks to my folks, my closest friends, my family, these people who has supported me unconditionally and has always been there no matter the situation, I’ll give them thanks and say how much I love them and care about me. I won’t let myself loose the contact with they neither.
  • I’ll share what I do and how I do, because I understand thank the knowledge don’t belongs to me, even though you, it belong to all of us. I’ll try to explain better what is going on around us for after sharing it.


  • Create my travel diary blog and post everyday.
  • Continue working on my newly pressed 2 blogs (Israel Garcia’s No-Blog and “Hablando Sobre Marketing”).
  • No more than 4 Tags per post and 3 categories.
  • Write short bur effective conversations instead of bring long and left-brainers posts.
  • Post regularly weekly in each Blog Monday-Friday.
  • Write longer and descriptive titles.
  • Build interest  and trust on my readers and catch their attention.
  • Make call to actions to truly call the readers to action.
  • Deliver the kind of content I’ve promised in the title.
  • Display my thoughts, expertise or whatever I might want to say mostly of the times in less than 600 words.
  • Write according what’s hot on social media and marketing.
  • Write thought-provoking posts.
  • Don’t spend more than 1.30min. blogging.


  • Build new professional relationships and connecting with more potential contacts.
  • Broaden my network preferably in the States as is from where I’d like to stand up.
  • Help empowering people, finding job positions, introducing new connections that make possible business or offering my services to their personal endeavours.
  • Sharing and exchanging all kind of content and knowledge with the people I’m connected with.
  • Create a LinkedIn group, with its own identity and values with the aim of being helpful for the crowd and offer those resources and content that make them better.
  • Being more active  on the discussions: participle in at least 2 daily (I’m in more than a 25 groups so, I guess I’ll have to pick the most suitable conversations according to my needs)
  • My great challenge on LinkedIn is Q&A: I’ll be responding at least 1 or 2 weekly.


  • I’ll create content through video posts delivering talks about social media and marketing, I reckon this approach will be more personal and engaging for the audience. Social media should be more personal and trustworthy, I’ve always though that human relationship is what really matters.


  • As I get stuck with so much daily info, I’ll remove from those readers and email lists, which I consider they’re not worth nor giving me value.
  • I’ll delete rapidly all kind of content that don’t meet my needs.
  • I’ll use the email only as a communication channel with people I’m not working with (friends, relatives, girlfriend, etc.)
  • I’ll be also more concise in terms of replies just to save time.
  • No emoticons, no fancy fonts, no colors, no “hello”, no “regards”, etc.

Google wave

  • Due to its collaborative functions, I’ll use it to work closely with my partners and even clients.
  • I’ll combine the waves with Google talk and Google docs to boost its use and make it more dynamic and efficient.
  • I’ll use it just when really makes sense and fits in my workflow.


  • Delivering and sharing worthwhile information.
  • Increasing blogs traffic.
  • RT best resources and links.
  • Delivering crossover content according with groups of targets.
  • Sharing inspiring thoughts and quotes.
  • Being more efficient, communicative and punchy in the 140 characters.
  • Decrease the number of low value users I’m following already.
  • Increase follower in terms of high value users.


  • Communicate and deliver specific content to my crowd.
  • Knowing how they are and what they’re up to.
  • Being in contact with my family, closest friends and people around me.
  • Increase the number of friends that truly know.
  • Searching interests according to my friends profile.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What’s your take? Does this make sense? Do you agree with me? disagree? What are your social media resolutions for 2010?