Inconformistas business & education

Inconformistas is a business-project blend of Josef Ajram and Isra Garcia, and it’s a four-sided project built around everything that helped us to stand out and make a difference. We united our experience, knowledge and best practices for pushing professionals outside their security area and comfort zone, where the status quo has placed us.

Inconfromistas means Isra García; experience, trajectory, marketing, method, results, outputs, authority, disruption, strategy, and digital transformation. And it also means Josef; knowledge, influence, pioneer, impact, performance, case study, leadership, monetization, brand, and results.

Inconformistas is divided into four projects:

  • MicroMBA.
  • Book.
  • Workshop.
  • Brand transformation agency.
inconformistas project josef Ajram and isra garcia


This project is based on hard work, discipline, practice, action and the outcome that these two professionals and specialists have developed over more than six years.



Inconformistas agency


Inconfromistas is not a personal brand agency, book, or workshop. It’s more than just that. We believe in doing the work that matters, which is under the surface. Inconformistas devote themselves to helping brands, businesses, organizations, and individuals transcend.


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