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I’m on an endless quest, and this quest is about improving myself, transcending, learning, growing, developing. My blessed obsession. Here I have four things to share with you to learn how to go further, how to go beyond your limits:

1. Ask yourself, do you live to the max?

If you want to learn how to go further and transcend, you need to know why you’ll do it. What is it that excites you like never before? And now, what agitates you the most to such an extent that you enter a state of absolute flow? I wonder if you’re able to point out three events or stories from your childhood where you felt you were not good enough.

If right now nobody was looking at you. Would the work you are doing make sense? If nobody saw your photos on Instagram, would it make sense to upload them? If no one cheers you up or keeps an eye on you, will you go ahead with your project, adventure or challenge? Why? Who are you trying to prove your worth to? Why? Who is the person you love the most? Why?

What would it be like to do something with you if there was nothing to achieve?

Rethink. Reduce yourself. Question yourself. Create a better version of you, the one you carry inside. We are waiting for you.

2. Feel unstoppable

How to go beyond is something reserved for people who feel unstoppable, not for those who believe they are unstoppable. Being unstoppable is perhaps something very complex, which almost never occurs and in most cases it is useless. Why? Because being unstoppable depends on the perception of other people, in 95% of cases. And that will be unattainable unless you’re a pop star, an idolized athlete, a motivator with millions of subscribers or a legendary author. On the other hand, feeling unstoppable is something else entirely, feeling unstoppable has to do with your own reality, with your perception.

You have to do with everything you do and can do to feel unstoppable. Part of some principles that you are developing and implementing, values that help you live on your own terms. This, little by little, improved, can lead to feeling unstoppable. Here is a list of all the principles that help me. Do you already have yours?

Stop trying to be unstoppable and start working to feel unstoppable. It is part of the reason why you’re reading this.


how to go beyond your limits


3. Fight “your” battle without an end

How to go further requires knowing not only why, but to find what … What is your battle?

The real battle, I believe, is against ourselves:

You fight against the bitter taste of not being enough.

You fight against your ego.

You fight against reaffirmation, against permission, against proving that you are valid.

You fight against the fear of being rejected.

You fight against the terror of appearing invisible.

You fight against the hidden need to love and be loved.

You fight against the feeling of being an impostor.

How would you handle your battle if you had the autonomy or security that nothing could go wrong?

4. Do it yourself and how to go beyond your limits

Do you want to go further? Exploring margins requires what many people don’t dare to employ. Knowing how to go further, is something personal.

It’s easy to excel when you have a platform ready to launch, not when you don’t have it, and you have to build it yourself. If you’re receiving this spark, it’s possible that you are building that shuttle, you have just started, you are about to finish, or that you haven’t even started yet because you don’t know how or where to start. What is clear is that if you’re reading this, nobody has built that platform for you, just as it happened to me. It’s nothing alarming. On the other hand, when you’re aware that nobody will do it for you, that you don’t have that extra boost, or that you can’t have a renowned mentor or teacher or great impact, you only have one thing left. To do it yourself. Build it yourself. Devise it yourself. Develop it yourself. Launch it yourself. Test it yourself.

I never had that option, like you, but I had determination, willpower, insight and daring. Look, just like you. This is how you will transcend, this is how to go beyond your limits.

How to go beyond your limits is beyond your reach (great)

You need to know that I can’t control it, you need to know that it’s bigger than me, you need to know that it will beat me. Only then you know that you will go further, then you will work on how to go beyond your limits.

Photo credit: Flickr.