Stand OUT Program

Stand OUT Program is an educational program that is different from everything you know. It is created, developed and taught by various and successful professionals.

Stand OUT means useful, practical and useful knowledge that is focused on the new professional context, marked by the Internet, integrated training, communication-relationship-interaction between brands and people, and new opportunities opened by oneself.

This is Stand OUT Program…

Stand OUT Program means teaching professionals by professionals, and is aimed at profiles that have decided to stand out. Marketing, Communication, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Plan. New projects, experience working on real cases, business models. Routines and critical skills to give more and something different. Intensity, personal self-determination, practical training in the current context. Start-ups, new information technologies, digital transformation, specialization, strategy, design, creativity, social media, management, productivity, change, leadership, sport, nutrition, basic preparation. Different concepts that in the current market are confusing, that crossover and often converge in the development plans of the best professionals.

Decide to continue building by learning, listening or helping other profiles. Evolution + transversality + bidirectionality: perhaps these features are three of the main features that Stand OUT Program marks.


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