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social media, the root of human mediaThe revolution all started with Social Media, which is the root of Human Media. This might look like a reverse process, a paradox, as it is generally assumed that social communication should come out of human interactions. Maybe this has been the mistake: using technology and social media as a means of communication to select , categorize and label communities, that is to say, people. We often forget that this connection should be made based on human values.

Allow me to point out that when you listen, understand, respond, build relationships and connect emotionally, you are being human, not social. The social media challenge is to get back to human nature.

It seems that Social Media is about technology, APPs, platforms and Tools. Let’s be clear, all of this is brilliant when it humanizes processes and creates connectivity in the real world; when it supports the backwards transfer from 2.0 to 1.0 and vice versa. What I mean is that Social Media, as it is, won’t change the history of humanity, but it’s very probable that what’s happening with the help of Social Media, could actually bring about change through human interactions.

What say you? Photo credit: Mothetrip.