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There are impossible challenges worthwhile. And on August the 23rd, we will try prove it. I will race 573 km non-stop between Fairfield (California) and the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. An ultra-adventure without rest to seek a clear objective: all funds raised in this initiative will help build the first music school in one of the townships of Langa (South Africa), working with the NGO Bridges for Music.

I believe in Bridges for Music projects and their mission as I’ve seen how music can change peoples lives and how young creative minds in the slums of South Africa have found their path in life thanks to their support. I also believe in the values of Burning Man as one of the biggest movements in the world to create positive change.

For this matter, we decided to launch Burning Man Quest campaign, using the online platform justgiving.com for online donations and social initiatives to promote a positive change in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

The goal: To build the first music school in one of the slums of South Africa


Burning Man Festival, which is held during the last week of August in Black Rock City (Nevada, USA) has the perfect prologue. And we’ve decided to convert the pre-festival hours in a unique social challenge.

Burning Man Quest does not seek commercial purposes. All the funds raised from this initiative will go towards the construction of the music school. 100% of the donation will go directly to the school. This school aims to provide a space for young people to develop their creative skills (music, graphic design, video, etc) and at the same time stay away from the usual problems of these neighborhoods, such as street gangs and drugs . We believe we can become a developed area and build a brighter future.

The challenge


I’ll go from Fairfield (California), cycle160km through El Dorado to Lake Tahoe, where I’ll do a 6km swim. Then I will cycle again for 307 km, passing through Reno to Lake ‘Pyramid’. The last part consists of running over 100km to reach the heart of Burning Man in the desert of Black Rock City. Why am I going to do this? To support a positive and important project to help communicate the values of Burning Man. And as far as I can get and reach, I will not leave behind any resources to do so.

Donations and support


We set up a campaign for fundraising. Its as simple as accessing the website and clicking the button “donate”. “Burning Man Quest is not only a challenge, it is a journey into a different way of understanding the world. The purpose of this trip is mainly to create something that creates changes within bounds. This trip is going to give, offer and help. Deliver more of our effort under the most demanding and extreme circumstances to provide a culture orientated to connect people determined to change things (and perhaps the world).

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Everyone can make a big impact in the world, we only need to act.