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disrupt media - human mediaLately, the Social Web has been filled with so much bla-bla: noise, many words headed in the wrong direction, intrusive messages, non-sexy robots, predetermined users…which is what I call “disruption media”.

When Nothing Else Matters

On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Digg or Reddit – more and more brands and marketing professionals dedicate their time to publishing, without a response (or chance to give one), without feelings or coherence, without worrying about the people beyond an artificial platform. They are not here to generate change, to make something happen, to mark the difference or add value to what you are doing. Not to mention helping you to achieve what you are aiming for…no, oh no. The only thing they are looking for is interrupting your smooth trajectory, your communication, your human interactions, your way of seeing and achieving things.

Artificial Is Not Cool

What matters is not your Facebook or Twitter account, your LinkedIn Profile or your Foursquare check-ins. These won’t come to you and buy your products, they won’t tell it to their friends, nor will they become your loyal clients. I really doubt that they would reserve a table for you at your favorite restaurant or buy a flight ticket for your next trip. I have a hard time believing that they will make you laugh, cry or fall in love at first sight, or at second.

Don’t Just Be Pure Substance

The difference between interrupting and communicating lies in the lack of response from brands, as they are not willing to reply to any comments. BAD! A conversation can’t happen without any interlocutor, without knowing that there’s a voice at the other end, someone who listens and allows you to connect and build long-lasting relationships that go beyond technology. By not taking this into consideration, you lock yourself in a room full of people, which in fact looks empty to you as there’s no way to chat or create resonance. It’s like a one-way street with no communication. Just a sender and a receiver. Purely insubstantial.

Welcome to the disruption era – this gives us the opportunity to make use of the new media to transmit our values, abilities, emotions and knowledge through the Internet. And this opportunity is Human Media.

Photo credit: tusharthinks.com