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isragarcia - new media - human mediaLately, we have been talking about Human Media, but now I’d like to explore how the New Media has changed the game.

Human media wouldn’t be possible without New Media, which has revolutionized the way we market, communicate and do business. As an example, we are still using the telephone, post and TV but it is not working as effectively as it did before. Instead, we use Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google Plus, Foursquare, Youtube, Spotify, LinkedIn, in different ways for different reasons, with different people from different places, cultures and backgrounds.

We Are New Media

New Media converts us into authors, publishers, protagonists, leaders, role models, lobbyists, affiliates, middlemen and information exchange points. New Media offers us a blank sheet where we can draw the lines of our personal brand, the way we want to communicate and market our company, the business strategy of our Startup or the actions that will take our small business over into the next year. New Media is only showing us that everything we do to create change depends solely on us.

User generated content is widespread on the Web, there are posts from people that get more visits than the most important current affairs sites.

So What?

So what’s happening here and now? Due to the disruption of Social Media and the opportunity New Media affords us, we need a redesigned model that focuses on the right thing, the most powerful tool on earth, people. The need for a more humanized media, the need for Human Media.

Photo credit: Kexino