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Marketing professionals who align the right communication platforms and take the most appropriate multichannel marketing path. These professionals can ensure that they reach the right audiences with the right content, with the right objective.

More than often, at IG, we receive clients who come to us unsatisfied after projects that have not met their objectives. We talk to marketing professionals and agencies who tell us that they are planning a campaign and plan to focus on email marketing and Instagram only. If at the end of the explanation I’ve done my job, you won’t make that assumption anymore.

There are many ways to get your message out there. Take time to evaluate the channel, platforms, buyer persona and appropriate objective, for each word (or story) they will pay back the time invested.

Remember when you were in the first years at school and you learned vocabulary? The task was to say the words, write them down, use them in a sentence and even include them in a story.

Even though at that moment we might not have known it, we were developing a small multichannel marketing strategy that will help us do the job that matters. Not only on a weekly basis but for a lifetime. Volià

So, the same applies to marketing campaigns and digital communication: the more methods and approaches are applied to the techniques, the more memorable the campaigns will be because they’ll be more dynamic and creative.

If you are launching a new campaign, a multi-channel approach will be necessary today. One that integrates SMS, infographic adverts, telephone calls, social media publications, digital diagnostic tools, customer service center (outbound or inbound). And yes, email marketing, audiovisual content or PR. All of this will reinforce your actions and will be attractive for each learning method.


multichannel marketing

Multichannel marketing campaign

The first step in any campaign should be to determine the general objectives and specifications of the buyer persona. Who makes up your core audience:

  • What roles do the other segments that you would like to influence play?
  • What is the current thinking of your core audience?
  • Do you already know that your business, product or solution exists? Or are you starting the process of brand perception from the start?
  • What is the period of execution of the campaign?
  • How would you measure activity, influence, and results?

A scoring model by engagement could help you assign points to measure automatically. In addition to giving you a point of view in real time.

Content used for multichannel marketing

You’ll need to put together a range of materials to name and list all the content that we’ll need for each buyer person and each stage of the customer journey. Write down what design, content, image, video or audio you’ll need, this way you can start helping the creative team.

You would be surprised to know how often those elements are left until the last minute. Causing an unnecessary amount of stress to the creative team or external agency. And weight is not the ideal companion for brilliant work.

In-house or external talent?

Now is the time to put the team together that will lead the project (campaign). The best thing to do is to allow the same team to choose the channel that could work best. They’ll have great ideas about the most optimal channel for each tactic they have created.

Make sure you get information about other channels. You could find out that an SMS solution could be a fantastic way to reach a desired type of audience. However, if you don’t have a useful database, it will be difficult to get good results. The same happens via email or postal mail.

How to progress? Completing the profiles of each person you meet on the journey as a potential client. If you have integrated your call center with a digital marketing platform through a CRM, then any phone number should be added to the digital profile.

To end

Only when you’ve established the campaign’s objectives, goals, essential buyer persona, structure and content marketing planning, and a creative strategy. Only then could you begin to think what channel is best for each tactic

Photo credit: Howard Lake.