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Here are some ideas to implement street marketing in your business or organization.


street marketing practical ideas

Street marketing on action

  1. Find out which users are not using your product and ask the why and how you can regain them.
  2. Enthusiastically pay attention to people who mention your business online and emotionally link with them in the way they would like you to connect.
  3. Sponsors industry events and turn up to them.
  4. There are some people, at least 1% of people, which is willing and determined to listen to you, find who and start conversating with them.
  5. Write a post daily, not to sell, but to educate.
  6. Connect people in your industry because you feel like it.
  7. Organize community meetings in your store.
  8. At least once a year, launch a campaign with a positive impact for people who have opportunities close to zero. Donate what you collect, 100%.
  9. Deliver free product samples whenever you can. Let your service be tested, without cost, as long as you have the opportunity to do so.
  10. Keep in touch with the people who used to work with you and continue helping them to obtain significant possibilities and new business, even years later.
  11. Write an ebook with the best actions of your business and give it to the industry, including competition and the public.
  12. Launch a monthly podcast with useful value for your industry.
  13. Create a guide to principles for buyers and sellers, point out in which examples your competition is better than you.
  14. Provide training courses for your clients.
  15. Educate your competition with core skills and disruptive methods.
  16. Build a recruiting channel that takes up more than a year of time before you need to hire someone.
  17. Give the double amount of what your buyer has come for.

None of this is enough, I’m afraid. Your product or service and strategy must be brilliant. However, much of this is necessary, without the propulsion produced by street marketing you won’t be able to move, even with the best strategy in the world.

Be clean doing dirty and street marketing, which involves going out on to the street and going for it.