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Here are ten thoughts about how to launch a project:

1. Projects that require big budgets are a heavyweight for launching; there’re many constraints going on. On the other hand, small or creative / no resources projects are very likely to be launch more easily. Develop plans without significant resources, if you learn how to make it through the scarcity, you will win. Learning how to do less with more, helps you to do more with more.

2. Avoid the “you-need-a-business-plan” tale. You do not. Most of the times.

3. Don’t look for validation about your project; your idea-project will be killed.

4. Don’t invite ego to the party. Assume you shall have to trash frequently and a lot. No problem, just admit it.

5. Set a launching date (deadline), o matter what happens, you must stick to the deadline. Then, when it comes, launch.

6. Hire your weaknesses. Focus on your core area and strength. Look for the right people, not only the one that makes the project more powerful but, the ones whom you can trust to and commit.

7. Assume you’re going to launch and you’ll fail at something. Wear the “permanent beta” t-shirt and enjoy the ride.

8. Test first with your best critics.

9. Build and launch a campaign that tells a wrong and negative story about your project, when you launch people will be caught off-ward.

10. Build a tactical promotion plan. Develop some creative campaigns that get you closer to the people may be interested in your project. Set up an email account “tryme@_____.com” so every time someone sends an email, they will get an automated reply that contains a reward, discount or a surprise.

What’s you experience on how to launch a project without too much complexity?