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Implementing the Human Media approach means that you’re talking with people, not software or technological devices. I know, it should be obvious, but it really isn’t. Believe me. Implementing the digital-human approach means that you remain human despite information technologies. This is quite different to what is taking place in Social Media; especially nowadays, focusing on the relevance of social platforms and tools and how they use people. This seems odd, but that’s how it is. Just take a look at Facebook or Twitter and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. We all seek to be connected and emotionally “touched”, we seek to connect with what we love, with whom we love. To that end, one must be believable, transparent, true, close, active, emotional, seek commitment and connect with the other side. All of this would indicate that we have to be human. Even across the Internet.

Contact Between People

The paradigm of all this could lie in channelling and using the resources of the Social Media universe (channels, media, platforms and tools) to make human relations happen which emotionally connect companies and people with an approach focusing on results and true ROI. That is, to make use of “human business interactions” to build interactive bridges between brands and communities through human contact; that is, between people, favouring a communication that is original and non-intrusive as part of continuous feedback processes.

No software can resist coming into contact with its users. That’s why the Internet is so fascinating. A relationship is worth, at least, 1,000,000 times more than a click or making an impression. It is also more difficult to achieve and involves much more than brands and companies are willing to give. It all boils down to how you monetise and create this interaction. Here’s a tip: humanise your processes and pay more attention to human relations. Think about it.

Photo credit: mlive.