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human emdia - isra garcia

Using Human Media means changing the “social” approach that you give to the Web, for another more human. It’s simple and effective.

Two Parallel Approaches

In the early times, companies developed a marketing campaign with a liv motiv and claim, and after that they studied whether it worked or not. They practically made a guess on that. The mantra was creating first and then we’ll see if the campaign fits, something like: “Let’s try something, perhaps we are lucky enough and we can create value to our clients” a very risky approach – not good.

Human Media makes use of the Web and Social Media, is a new approach towards the connection between business and audience and the consequent relationships. It transmits proximity and appreciation and also help businesses to place themselves next to the actual and future clients so we can understand their lifestyle and identify what really interests them. It’s a way of fitting first and then creating something that it truly creates value. “Let’s connect, meet, discover and then, only then, we will create something meaningful to our clients” a really smart approach – very good.

The Right Approach, the Human Approach

Using this more human and less social approach we will know immediately (platforms and tools allows us to do so) if clients enjoy and are enjoying of your business story, service o product, marketing campaign or even the interaction you created with them. This really makes possible that we are be able to keep drawing (marketing and business campaigns) in the right direction, introducing small changes or yes, even bigger moves, and all that with greater and better maneuverability, adaptability and reach.

Search, Connect, Meet, Consolidate and Traduce

We are mistaken every time we create and look for the audience and market them through Social Media. Search, connect, meet, consolidate and traduce. In other words, work on the people approach, the possibility of monitoring in real-time – react and even anticipate – respond and act accordingly to your audience needs and wants, so later on you can act on constant and small movement bursts, which respond to momentum and conversations of your community. The outcome will be transactions in form of long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Photo credit: ortzadar.