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The reason why most of the brands and professionals are facing a tough challenge with their marketing efforts it is because they’re trying to promote and widespread, instead of creating human relationships. That is to say, “win – win” interactions.

Whenever I travel I love to see live performances on the streets, metro or in a bar. I really enjoy this kind of live acts, because I learn a lot about them. I learn a lot about marketing, art, business and disruption. Their goal is gaining your attention, well enough so they motivate you to give them money. It’s pure marketing, sales, creativity, and even excellence. When properly done, it creates human relationships.

Marketing is action, my friends

It is marketing that someone goes to your presentation/launching event. If I leave a review, it’s an action. Being able of delivering the products in a very special package, it is an action. Calling your customer by its name as soon as she/he walks in through the door is an action. Looking at your potential customer eyes while you’re telling them the car’s price, it is an action. This is what people use to do as simple marketing tactics.

Human relationships go beyond the Internet

I received a text from a friend some time ago, she was inviting me to a breakfast and after-party that was taking place in White Ocean camp, within Burning Man. She sent handwritten letters through postal mail to everyone she was inviting. She wanted to do it in the most humane and personal way possible. I did not have the intention to attend it, but due to this “human touch“, I changed my mind.

Think about this: I’m just another after-party goer, this is guaranteed. You are another restaurant commensal, of course. Perhaps, you’re another guest in the hotel, yeah, we know it. You are another one who buys one of the ten thousand t-shirts we sold, obviously. The whole thing doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t treat you as the customer number one, it takes the same effort, this is what doing the work that matters means. In the example below, She (Leah), looked for ways to connect and create a human relationship.

Stay human

Marketing is what you need if you are selling a product or service to anyone that can purchase it anywhere. I won’t try to sell pizzas, for instance. Unless, I want to interact and create relationships, being the best pizza-master in the city, the most charismatic and authentic. The same person who comes to mind when you want to eat pizza. It’s the same case as when you think to get your haircut, then you think of Mario Sancho (my barber), or when you think about an entrepreneur you’d like to be, you think about Richard Branson.

I don’t care what type of business you are, you can and must build human relationships with your customers.

It is like everything else, a choice.

You can do marketing or create relationships. Not talking about any relationship. no every relationship. Only the ones that you care about.