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Wanna act more human? Follow these fundamentals:

Showing confidence and conviction for your work’s outcome: start working for milestones, think about a trial where the output itself is the one who conquers your potential customer.

Trusting in your clients: allow them to use your product, should they are not convinced, let them refund it, with no extra costs, neither additional courier fees.

Transparency: explain to them what’s happening in your “back office”, show them what happens when you panic or don’t know what to do when you are facing a major problem. Guide them through your kitchen, invite them to your more intimate places, let them meet the people behind the business.

Accepting the commitment: make a hard promise and keep it, something hard to believe, not expected, something beyond expectations. Then, make it happen, no excuses, no plain talk.

Connecting: asking and replying to the question that your customer, potential o prospects ask you. Noticing about their honest signals and working towards its resolution.

Enchanting: offering more value (twice as) than the one that your customer gets from you. Walking across the fire without no apparent reward.

Following your ethos: and making clear, in advance, the there will be nothing that can break them (your ethos and principles). Even if it means that you will reject a great opportunity, a promotion or you’ll say “no” to one of your customers.

On being more human

The human approach on the Internet is sustainable and powers the relationships between resonant parts of the equation. Small businesses have still a major probability, so they can start working embracing this mindset. Connecting with people on a truly human scale and forging their goals and mission around it.

If you come here, it is because you are curious about how to make use of the individual (and human) touch, because it will skyrocket your performance. This is what it will set you apart from.