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What does Christmas means?

It is the tenderness of the past, the value of the present and hope for the future…

…It is the warm hug of a familiar when we got home

…the special stare you exchange with that special person

…the happiness of enjoying of all your relatives

…the most sincere hope that we could be near of our loved ones.

…the wish that every path we take will lead us to peace.

…the encountering with those who we dream to see.

…to vent our feelings.

…remembering those who are no longer among us, but will always prevail in our hearts.

…amaze the youngest, because they are the kings of Christmas

…realize that the true and pure Christmas spirit lies only on the children hearts.

…be willing to rectify the mistakes we’ve all ever committed at anytime.

…coping with the past strongly and with total determination.

…forgiving those people who have been unfair to us at some point in our lives.

giving to those who have not.

…reconciling with those who were once part of our lives.

…accepting oneself as one really is.

…appreciate as humans beings the good that we have and not the evil.

…not stop in the wrong we did, but in what the good chances that there is still ahead of us.

…seeing what we are capable to do, because we do not know who we are until we see what we can do.

…the wish of being every day a better person.

…the impatience to face challenges.

…not wait for an incredible thing happen, but you make it happening.

…to do our dreams and goals.

…to engage and be committed to overcome the toughest obstacles.

…to say “I love you” to the people around you.

…defining new purposes for after reach the peak.

…all for a few, nothing for many.

…an instant or perhaps lasts forever?

…Is it a state of mind or perhaps a indescribable feeling?

…Is this long-awaited moment or perhaps this one unexpected?

…It is…

All of this and less more is Christmas for me so, I would like we to stop for a moment, just one second of our hectic and busy lives, and deeply think about the true meaning of Christmas, What really is Christmas?

Forgive my presumption and my disrespect, but I firmly believe that Christmas is on February 6, April 21, June 15, October 19th or even the entire month of May … Christmas is every day, because Christmas is inside us. We make Christmas every time we believe, love and share because, Christmas is not a period of time, not a habit, not a commercial action, nor a consumer movement, not even a commitment or debt, Christmas is into us every day of our entire lives. There is no need being a special day to celebrate it.

I like to think that there is no need to wait for Christmas to do all these things. I hope you do not wait until it is too late …

Whether this happens or not only depends on you!

I urge you making a particular Christmas time every day of your life

I wish you 365 Christmas days to you and all your loved ones.

And you? What does Christmas means for you?I’d like to hear from you…

All the best in life’s journey.