/ Reflections.

The best single thing I’ve done in my whole life is investing everything (I had, and what I didn’t) in creating myself, never holding back, never stop pushing forward, even when I had no reasons for persisting, I stepped forward. I made it happen.

When I was a child, I never had a passion (fuck it, you don’t need to be born passioned), I never finished college, I was working in a factory 12 hours a day, I didn’t read a book until I was 24. I received almost (Oscar & Enrico) no help at all, I had no money. I guess a lot of people doubted me (sorry guys, I had no attention for you) I’ve haven’t had any mentors, managers or teachers that could guide me or advice when I had to decide or take a risk or make a move. No one told me how to do it fucking; nobody showed me the way. Nobody granted me an opportunity. When I re-started, nobody hired me as a speaker, consultant or marketer, and I had to pick myself and build everything from scratch.


I made it happen, I stand out, I took the lead, I made it, I took a risk - Isra Garcia


You know what? I’m so grateful that it happened that way. I’m genuinely blessed for every second I struggled, it had to happen that way. However, despite this, I fucking rocked the boat. I designed the life I could have never imagined. And along the way, I’m aware that I changed a few lives. I made it happen.

I don’t if you know this, but I failed more than most of you. I keep failing, every day, more than you think. It is why I win every day.

I made it happen, I know, deep in my soul

Life has taught me a simple lesson, keep pushing and pick yourself. Do whatever it takes and don’t waste energy complaining or making excuses. I’ve learned (in a hard way, believe me) that death is one step closer every time you watch the clock. Life is so finite and fragile that you can leave the world in a day like today.

There’s no time.

There’s not right or wrong.

And there’s no Cinderella.

I didn’t ask for permission, and I took it. And I won’t ask either.

I will start all over, and I won’t change a thing.

Certainly, I made it happen. Self-made.

And how about you?

Photo credit: Looker Media.