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Every time you work on a project where marketing is needed – almost every project – there are 3 elemental options. First, you search the web for a “step-to-step” marketing template and you follow it through. Second, you hire a marketing consultant that can do it for you. The third one, you can create a marketing plan simplified system, at your own way. Respecting not the fundamentals, but the very key factors for every essential area.

The idea behind this simplified system is that you can develop and execute the plan you build in less than 10 hours.

Marketing plan – the system (simplified version)

This is the method we follow in advising, consulting and also at IG.

Marketing plan simplified system

1. Goals. Set your goals. Plan the plan. What is in for you?

2. Stop doing. What to give up. What to quit. Where you wouldn’t go. Management and efficiency. Priorities and opportunities.

3. Strategy. Draw the road. Where are you going to focus on? How to obtain the goals you set up? The method.

4. Mechanics. How to start pushing ahead. Creating forward motion. Where to start. Where should we establish the command base?

5. Connection. Your potential target. How to connect with the people that would buy your product or will use it as a service. Marketing at its fullest meaning.

6. Core. The centre of your main activity. The place where everything nourishes and perishes. How to create, develop and optimise your website for meeting business purposes. Then working on improvements.

7. Content tactics. Content marketing for beginners. Storytelling, campaigns, activations and the technics. Ready for the selling.

8. Actionable marketing, better said, fast marketing. Easy marketing outposts and simple creative promotional ideas, so you can enter, obtain results, and then leave silently.

9. Launching. Simplified execution template.

10. Real world. Flesh and blood. This is what happens when the human and real interaction occurs.

Respect for the simple stupid

My job, your job, the marketing, the industry, our customers, clients, do not respect tradition, we all respect the outcome. Don’t talk me about fundamentals, tell me about how are you creating value and utility for the rest.

Simple, simplified, for amateurs… yes, just what it’s easy to do. It has no such a mystery, everyone could do it. That’s the key part, so your marketing, your sales, and your business will start skyrocketing. Leave complicated for the experts.