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People like to listen when I speak, but they don’t like to practice.” -Shi Heng Yi.

She writes and publishes the Isra team – In this interview, you will find what is missing in this world to master yourself and learn to improve what you need to improve. Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi delves into the teachings, methods, philosophy, and forms of practice to make a difference in his life. Also, the factors and considerations necessary to decide what works for you and the benefits of practising its teachings. And what we can do to improve ourselves.


shaolin master shi heng yi on how to improve yourself interview


This episode is about putting knowledge into practice, mastering yourself, dealing with the yin and yang of life, what is missing, what you can do to improve yourself and how to make those personal decisions that will mark your destiny.

Don’t get hooked on me; get hooked on teaching.”

Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi podcast interview with Isra Garcia
Shi Heng Yi also covers the 12-month online Self Mastery program he runs and Shaolin Spirit, his recently published first book, where he also delves into what the Shaolin Spirit is all about. Isra and the Shaolin Master talk about “the how” of finding a teacher, inspiration, guidance, and the methods you need to get what you want.

Disrupt Everything podcast: Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi on the true Shaolin spirit

The benefits will not come later in paradise; They are supposed to arrive right now.”

Isra García interviews Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi, director of the Shaolin Temple Europe, for the third time. This conversation is an update between Shi Heng Yi and Isra, where they review, from now until the last two years, the most important milestones for the Shaolin Master since the last interview they did together in 2021.


shi heng yi podcast interview about how to master yourself


“Find someone who can inspire you; Find someone who expresses how you want to be.”

Index of contents and what you will learn in this interview

  1. What has happened in the last two years since the previous interview?
  2. These are the most common patterns and behaviours that people overlook.
  3. Observations about the world.
  4. Dealing with the yin and yang of this life.
  5. Emphasizing practice, not teachings.
  6. Put knowledge into action.
  7. The Self-Mastery program.
  8. What is the Shaolin Spirit, and how can it be developed?
  9. How to develop an unstoppable attitude.
  10. Find inspiration in others and yourself.
  11. The question and the challenge for you.


Here you will find the interview on video and with subtitles in Spanish:

What is more important, more people with the capacity to change or more people who will undoubtedly change?”

Podcast notes, links and resources:

Many people are interested in the teachings, but if left alone and without proper guidance, they can sometimes go in the wrong direction.” -Shi Heng Yi.

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