/ Marketing.

The majority of today’s marketing fails because it’s not definite. I’m talking about real marketing, the one that makes the difference and sets the tone for an organization or an individual. Consider following these steps, so traditional marketing becomes positive.

Steps for creating positive marketing


A. Deliver your product or service to people that share the same mission as you. Target your product to the consumers willing to consume it. If your product or service doesn’t add specific value, don’t bother. If it doesn’t exceed, it’s not easy to see or understand, your marketing won’t work.

B. Overdeliver far more than what the clients expect for its price. After perceiving the value, you’ll have a current customer instead of a potential one. When developing the service or designing the product, make sure that the quality, shipping, logistics, components, design, packaging, and performance are above what you promised them.

C. Tell a story, but a different one, and authentic and honest one. A tale that strongly resonates with your customer. This account must be consistent with the staff, the brand, the branch, offices, delivery service, customer satisfaction center or the product itself. It’s the kind of story that entertains, are fun and appeals. For some, the story will mean one thing, for others, will mean another thing, this is why is essential targeting just the audience that shares your values, interests and wants.

D. Being and staying human is the ultimate advantage. The authenticity embedded in people and businesses will determine if the product or service survives scrutiny time enough to reach the most related segment audience.

Change goes before desire


Sometimes marketing (the best possible marketing) is so powerful that can create a high positive impact on the person that experiences it. However, there’s no such marketing, if it’s not coming with the mission of changing things for the better. It’s not about creating a necessity, nor satisfying a desire, but generating a positive outcome.