The Great Day – online training course

The 40 super habits you need to design the Great Day, which I have been working on for almost a year, first in myself, and then in several people, I advise on Holistic High-Performance. It is a custom-designed system for building your perfect day; morning, noon/afternoon, evening and night. On the one hand, I share the structure and the hacks you need to master it; on the other, the person experiments and tests until we find the formula adjusted to the whole day of it. I am spreading the hacks (super habits/micro-habits) throughout the day.

To do that, I designed a high-impact online training course to show you how to build an unstoppable morning, an energizing noon, an afternoon of focus and flow, and a quiet and relaxing night that completes the day that someone like you deserves.

Why The Great Day

Think about it, if you win the morning, you win the day, and if you win the night, you win the morning. However, there is a higher level beyond because if you earn a whole day … You make a living.

how to build the great day


Let’s put ourselves in context: “The only obstacle in life is waiting for tomorrow and losing today” – Seneca.

First, I have been working on “The Great Morning” for several years, a series of hacks and minor improvements I carry out in the morning. The objective is to be fully prepared, in an optimal state, to approach and dance within 24 hours. A great start gives you a high chance of winning the day.

Then sometime later, I designed the Second, The Big Night. Another Ultraproductivity system, similar to the previous one, but to win the night and perform a day integration and holistic recovery to enter battery recharge mode to return to the attack the next day. Driving through an optimal night prepares you to wake up in full power.

Finally, working with both systems in myself and others has helped me expand and stretch their scope, solutions, “hacks”, and results. In such a way, I have come to build what I call The Big Day. It is a comprehensive Ultraproductivity system that covers the entire day with what each person needs to work better and with purpose, produce with more excellence and lead a lifestyle that benefits you.

This project democratizes the Ultraproductivity method by playing a different game. Should you know more details…


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