Psilocybin Science & Experience – Psilocybin scientific news in Spanish

Psilocybin Science and Experience, the first platform for scientific dissemination in Spanish-speaking about psilocybin.

Vision and purpose

It is a non-profit project that seeks to provide resources, information, data, discoveries and first-hand scientific advances on the effects and properties of psilocybin in treating diseases related to mental health such as anxiety, depression or disorders by post-traumatic stress, among other diseases. It also seeks to expand the knowledge of this substance for other therapeutic purposes related to health and personal and social well-being. It also focuses on exploring consciousness and the development of human potential. As well as treatments against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and terminal diseases such as cancer.

How Psilocybin Science and Experience was born

For the past three years, I have explored the frontier of psychedelics and have followed and studied them very closely, especially psilocybin. I have interviewed some of the world’s most recognized experts such as Dennis McKenna, Paul Austin from the Third Wave, Natasja Pelgrom from Synthesis Institute or Del Jolly and David Champion from Unlimited Sciences and Maya Health. I also form the US Circle initiative, a psychedelic research collective that works for hand in hand with the psychedelics area of ​​Johns Hopkins Hospital. This has allowed me to realize the tremendous potential that psychoactive substances represent, especially psilocybin. Here you can see some of the preliminary results of the study that I mentioned above, and before that, the need to understand this world in an integral way and without interest.

Michael Pollan writes here about it; he has been the author of one of the most influential books of 2018, a bestseller that has revolutionized the world, “How to Change Your Mind”. Arguing that these substances relieve depression and fight anxiety and addiction, in addition to showing us how the mind works.

When I realized this, I went to look for information and sources to continue studying and analyzing, especially when I was in the middle of the psilocybin macrodosing experiment. When I began to investigate, I discovered no informative Spanish-speaking platform that reported the rigour, integrity and science about what was happening in the world. For example, the FDA had given free to use hallucinogens to treat patients. That was reason enough to know that something needed to be done by a group of committed and attuned people.

This is how we created Psilocybin Science and Experience.

Psilocybin Science and Experience: Psychedelic scientific news in Spanish

The mission

Our mission is to rigorously inform about everything that happens in the world of psilocybin as a therapeutic and holistic tool from science. Why? Because we want to contribute to a healthier, more conscious and unified world.

The team

I am delighted with what team we are creating as we move forward.

  • Javier Florez is the project leader; it was with him with whom I began to take the first steps. His curiosity and interest in this world, added to his coherence, commitment and integrity, have made him the project leader.
  • Diego Mateos is a journalist and firefighter, aware of the cause and potential of psilocybin and fascinated by the world that opens before us. So he decided to join the project as the content director.
  • Aitor, Álvaro and Patricia, from Dupla Digital agency, are our digital marketing and social media team. But, again, your alignment with the mission, vision and values ​​has been the key to collaborating.
  • Javi Pacheco and his team at PKL Group have been responsible for the brand and the website.
  • Patricia Puente, psychedelics specialist in charge of Universities and research centres relationships.
  • Javi Calvo, PhD in neuroscience, is responsible for medicine and research.
  • Ramon Guimera, a well-known therapist on sound healing and psychedelics. He is in charge of relationships with other therapists and private institutions.
  • Dr Juan Carlos Alonso is a respectable nephrologist very passionate about the impact of psychedelics on human beings. He works in the area of medicine and research.
  • Elisabet Gratti owns her own law firm; she runs the law department in the project.

We will announce the incorporation of at least two or three new profiles soon. Psilocybin Science and Experience continues to grow, and we are open to collaborators who resonate with what we do.

In permanent beta

The project is in permanent development; we are prototyping as we progress. On the platform itself, you can already find studies, bibliography, sources and a lot of information about the world of psilocybin. In the next steps, we will publish interviews, audio, videos.

Something essential to consider about consumption and use of psychedelics

We do not sell the substance, nor do we supply it, nor do we recommend taking it or not taking it. We do not provide recommendations. We do not advise on its intake. We are here to bridge any user interested in understanding this world and scientific professionals and researchers, both individuals and organizations, who have the necessary authority and data to carry this message. Not even do we participate with our opinion in the project; we stay on the sidelines.

It is time to make accessible what really matters and differentiate what is said from what has been tested, researched and discovered by those who do the work that matters.

Values, expansion and collaboration

We are bringing together all kinds of research teams on psychedelics, from the main universities specialized in the subject to private and non-profit organizations. This is not about opinion or marketing but dissemination from science. We do not sell anything. Rigour, integrity and consistency are among our three most important values.

If you think you can collaborate with Psilocybin Science and Experience individually or collectively, you can contact us here. We are open to “win-win” collaborations and partnerships.

We are in this world to mount great and positive ruckus.

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