Unstoppable People in Times of Crisis – online workshops

Online training in the skills, habits, hacks, strategies and tactics on what really matters today; unstoppable attitude, mindset, spirit and physical capabilities, for everyone and from anywhere.

Unstoppable people in Times of Crisis is a series of online workshops designed to create magnanimity, that is to say, the greatness of mood, mental fortitude, human thriving and great generosity in times of crisis.

Positive impact workshops to learn to dance with adversity, feed our souls – the only thing capable of not only withstanding an outbreak like this, but also making us more prepared for the next thing that comes, because it will come. And also, for developing that unstoppable attitude, mentality, spirit and physical condition that will prepare and equip us for anything, anyhow, anywhere.

Why Unstoppable people in Times of Crisis?

This online training project has been created to support people develop the attitude, mindset, initiative, spirit and skills necessary to take unstoppable and massive action, decide and lead in the midst of chaos, and pick themselves. A place where you will learn what you will almost certainly not learn anywhere else. You can ask any of the 910 members of the Unstoppable tribe who have lived it during 7 months (when COVID hit the world), and in the second season (in 2021) for another 7 months.


Those workshops, of around 2 hours, are eminently practical, they are highly actionable, with enough context provided, and interesting Q&A.

Intensive workshops, with a vibrant community, with teachers in much-needed specialities today. Without a doubt, an opportunity to see, decide and act differently, choose differently and learn how to develop an unstoppable attitude, resilience and work that changes us for the better.

>> Access here to the online campus where you will find 58 powerful workps.