/ Marketing.

I hope that one day the tasks by tasks business requirements will end forever. I hope that recruiters and other human resources professionals stop searching for people just assessing and following a bunch of checklist items. I wish one day we start hiring people for the existential needs that fill up inside of an organisation, project or social cause. Work, art, relationships, even marketing are not based on abilities, not really. It’s based on a mission, a vision and the bigger goals.

Marketers don’t launch promotions – they create positive change.

Advertisers don’t design advertising campaigns – they cause impacts that drive warmth.

Writers don’t write books – they create stories that resonate.

Graphic designers don’t work so things look pretty – they recreate emotional experiences.

Artists don’t paint pictures or build sculptures – they create different ways to approach reality.

Musicians don’t do songwriting – they design a new way to communicate.

Innovators don’t invent crazy things – they create progress in humanity.

Next thing that we get together, please respond: what existential need are you covering?

What else are you bringing to the world?