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human media - isragarciaI’d like to talk bout how human media plays an important role in this new business environment, what are its goals, the advantages of using this approach and how it works.

We all know the importance and necessity of putting emotions, values and traits in the online relations, as well as in our business strategy and digital tactics. This universal truth never fails. Human Media makes it possible simply because it transfers humanity back to businesses in a way that it’s people driven and technologically business oriented. I’m talking about relationships among brands and individuals based on skills, meaning, mission, feelings and human values. What a great opportunity.

The goal of Human Media

The goal of every business and individual it should be to connect and align audience’s feelings and emotions in the same channel, it will allow for brands, creating almost perfect resonance and attunement among the elements that create the interaction. The only way to do it it’s from the inside.  It’s a shortcut towards the potential and possibilities that still we don’t know, it’s where robots, platforms, artificial intelligence and tools don’t reach, but people do.

The Advantage

The advantage of Social media versus the tradition advert sign methods it’s that the first allows a ongoing communication with the community. No to say the way that the mediums is used, what really matters is that social media makes possible the human exchange with the community (aka clients) what I mean is that if we compare 2 brands such as Apple (technology) and General Motors (car industry), both brands are totally different, they represent different values and way of thinking. In one part Apple: beautifully designed, last-generation innovation, etc. General Motors: accessible to anyone, domestic powered, etc. that’s important, but most important it’s how they communicate, market, transmit and humanize these values through the social web using the new media environment. Here you have another way to be remarkable and make a difference.

How it Works

Human Media touches both slopes, reaching your customer and creating resonance (1) through a humanized brand, a brand that talks to the community and communicate in a rally thoughtful way (2) creating a strong communication that sets and reinforces the emotional ties with the business engine, the customer.

Here is how the Internet stops acting as a vast communication amplifier and turns itself in a communication tool. A tool that allows us to transmit business values, feelings emotions, successes, failure, joy or disappointment and so make people feel involved and part of the business story.