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It’s tough to stay human today. We try something new (or they tell us to try something new), and suddenly we reduce it to a pattern:

  • I’ll use Instagram stories to explain the milestones of our projects.
  • I’ll launch a podcast where I interview the famous people in my industry.
  • I’ll share motivating content on Instagram every day.
  • I’ll write on my blog and link to all possible sites.
  • I’ll retweet those who mention my products.
  • I’ll explain on Youtube how my products are consumed.
  • I’ll use Pocket to share the news that is trending.

Robot behavior We reduce the advantages to repetitive and boring patterns instead of being human.


stay human

Somewhere in the process, we often eliminate almost the feeling that there must be an element of human relationships. Sure, we have a lot to do. Sure, we want our attempts to generate an enormous impact while we remain ultra-productive. However, will we do it to the detriment of acting more humanely?

How to continue working to maintain human?

Check your result

Take some time each week to see what kind of content you are pouring into the Web. Are you still creating human relationships? Do you throw yourself into actions that have to do with charming people? Or do you fulfill your business objectives at the same time you deposit your essence and personality in the process? Do you think that staying human is a matter of being more technological?

The mix

Maybe you’re like me. You write a lot of articles and blog posts. Consider adding some video and if you can, audio. Disrupt Everything web series is 100% video because I wanted to stay more human. In this project, I also do a podcast version. The contents vary, and each platform complements each other. I do audio because it helps me reach, intimately, more people staying human.

Get out and interact

One of the best ways to stay human is to communicate memorably with the people you meet every day. I don’t want an email to be a simple email, a call a simple call or a message a simple message. I like to try to have a unique thought with each person that interacts because I think you’re all unique. When I read a post, article or news (once a day), I almost always comment or interact. I share at least one thing a day, something that gives me value. I answer to anyone who asks me, I communicate with critics and not critics.

Imperfection: Stay human

To polish, shine and make everything beautiful. Stop using filters, improvements or touch-ups that perfect everything. The vulnerability is sexy. Flaws create humanity. Celebrate them instead of trying to hide them. If we were different and unique, we would be human. Let those acts of fault go. Does a bottle of water appear in a video? Leave it. Is there a roll of toilet paper in your photo? Bah. That will be what they talk about in the video.

Everything is part of who we are.

Carry on being human. Let’s stay human