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understanding social mediaI’ve been in Social Media for a long time and met a variety of situations where social media’s overrated, overwhelmed, rejected, accepted, overstated, underestimated and of course, developed, integrated, implemented and successful. That’s a lot to say. Indeed, is one of the things that make so valuable my work, the experience: idea, experiment, failure, feedback and try differently.

When I work for a new firm or client, I’m quite honest saying that what we’re going to do is experimenting and trying news and different ways t implement social media fro real results. It may appear scary, but hey actually is what we do, don’t we?

What Happens

Surely, you’ll never understand how people resonate to social media, nor how they are going to cope with. Will be they attuned with it? or otherwise, will want they to diminish it?

Yo might find a strong willingness to integrate it into the business strategy or perhaps they will neglect it, arguing that is not going to bring any profits or changes at all – thus, status quo – think twice, perhaps they don’t want things change or get different.

You may find a discouraged team who has tried at its best, but they got nowhere – Wish they keep pushing – Has something to see with managing instead of leading? Remember you manage things and lead people.


All this thing leads me to one question, Why is sometimes Social Media so polarized?

The attitude will prove essential either way. In one case, it (Social Media philosophy) will engage with the team spirit and increase the chances of being successful in it.

Then, the possible answer. Is all about your bias. Chances are that if you talk to people about Social Media in terms of sales, profits, income, database, increase, raise, ROI, etc. – Sure you got the idea – People will react more openly, ready and kindly to embrace Social Media. However, you can continue with “a sense of community”, “brand awareness”, “feedback”, “sentiment”…which are important too. But – and this is a great but – LET ME BE CLEAR on this, Do they truly matter when we want to make Business?

Thoughts? What say you?