/ Marketing.

Let’s say that we are working together you and me in a new project, or perhaps your boss and you, or your client and you. Even an investor and you. Then, your boss, client or investor ask you to explain some of the following:

  • Why are you worth for the company?
  • What’s the reason why I should promote you to a more executive position?
  • Why should I invest $700.000 on you?
  • Why should I buy from you and not from the competition?
  • What can you do that makes a difference and turns you into an irreplaceable asset?
  • What value would you add to IG?

It if happens, where will you start from?

One key thing is the unique selling proposition (USP), something quite decisive, but there’s also another key. The unique personal proposition (UPP). It means relying on how you (work, art, personality, relationships, traits, etc.) impact on a company, customer, suppliers, investors, project or idea, or in me.

More basically, how you change things. How your work makes a difference, for the better. How your abilities disrupt the outcome. How your worldview creates a committed community. This is what the unique personal proposition means. How your passion inspires other people. How your rarity connects. Or how your talent becomes art.